HBO likes to preview all of it shows, but seemingly none more than True Blood, where for season 4 they graced us with nearly three dozen items by the time all individual photos were included. Some people, myself included, started to feel like it might have been too much not only in quantity, but in terms of how much was given away. Will HBO change their promotional style for this next season? Only time will tell, but in the interim, I hope to document them for easy reference, and to review them.

Obviously, spoilers of varying degrees will occur in the post.

#1 – “Buried Tease” – Watch it Here

The graphic is simple, but effective, more so than the “Season of the Witch” graphic we got from Season 4.

The background nicely invoked the feeling of being buried, with the show’s name encased in cement. Although it tells us absolutely nothing new, it does a perfect job reminding the view that Russell is set to return- something that is sure to be a high point for the audience. The only downside that I see leading off with this, is that Denis O’Hare has already stated he won’t start filming til about halfway through the season. He’ll be there in other ways – I expect we’ll be dealing with a lackey, or phone calls or voice overs – but not actually seen. They do run of risk of alienating the fanbase if they overhype the return, but I can’t fault them for choosing this particular storyline to start off the promotion blitz. It’ll get the audience buzzing, which is exactly the point of the campaign.