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Fang-A-Thon Day 12: Who Says Vampires Don’t Cry

Vampires can be quite stoic – it’s in our nature and when your future can depend on keeping your cool, it is a necessity to be able to control your emotions. It also helps to prevent you from ruining your clothing from the staining blood. That said, when we feel, we feel just as deeply, if not more so than humans. We feel anguish and sorrow. We can in fact cry tears of joy, but alas there hasn’t been much opportunity for that as of late.

Point is: we feel and we cry. We’re just a bit more obvious than humans are.


Fang-A-Thon Day 4: The Gif of the Season


The preview last night made quite a number of excited for a variety of reasons – some of which I’ll likely go into on True Bites tomorrow (if not this blog) but of the many many reasons to get excited about that preview is the gif above. It combines so many kinks of so many fan girls. Let us count:

1. The throne – it’s always a hit.

2. The suit – Eric pretty much never wears one and so when he does, and to wear it so well? It’s going to push the right buttons for people.

3. The expression – There’s an intensity in that gaze that even though you know he’s not looking at you and is (at least for now) contemplating his immortality in the face of waiting for the Authority to come it looks like he’s staring right at the viewer.

Every season produces hundreds and hundreds of gifs, but each season there are always one or two that come to represent the season – either for the season as a whole, or just the season for the character. The same will be true of this season. However, I’m willing to lay down money that this gif will be one of the few that will remain popular next season and even down the line if the show goes off the air. It will define why people like Eric Northman in season 5 just as the one of him on the throne beckoning Sookie defines him in Season 1 or him kissing Sookie defines him for Season 4. And that is not a bad thing.

Fang-A-Thon Day 1: The New Posters

So now that we’ve hit the 30 day mark, the marketing blitz by HBO will undoubtedly go full tilt, starting with the release of the “Everything is at Stake” campaign. My first impression? I like the posters. I like the fact the you know who the humans and know who the vampires are. I like that they aren’t full face shots. There’s a certain level of drama here without going over the top and the color scheme fits in perfectly with their preferred motif of black, red and white.
That said, I do have a few little quibbles: Even though new pictures weren’t necessary for this, they would have been nice (most, if not all by by Chris Meloni’s seem to have been from previous shoots). I do think the posters for the women didn’t come out *quite* as nice as the men over all. The expression on Tara’s face seems a little off, and Pam’s lips are so far apart to show off the fangs that her mouth seems oddly wide. I also would have liked it if there could have been some kind of hint that Alcide wasn’t a human, but a were. That said, I don’t think it would have worked in context of the way they colored the posters so it’s a minor quibble at best.

Overall, I’m quite happy. Now if only they’d release some new shots of Eric and Bill that were standalone….

My Thoughts – HBO Go Preview – First 6:00 Minutes – SPOILERS

First and for most – we’re getting another three minutes next week it looks like, and at this rate it wouldn’t surprise me if we get another 3 more the week after, for a total of 12 minutes, or roughly 1/4 of the run time of the episode. Not sure how I feel about that.


I’m not going to quite say I’m eating crow – but I think I’m okay with Faerie via Mt. Olympus now since now we must call into question what exactly that plane of existence looks like – if Queen Mab (and by extension at least some of the other fae) are wearing some kind of glamor – who to say the realm itself isn’t under a glamor to make the human hybrids feel more at ease? I’m also a bit more comfortable with it because the whole plot line is starting to make sense – Bill has breached their land, they’re freaking the fuck out (probably not a bad idea since the show seems to like to point out how unusual Bill especially for a young vamp) and trying to find a way to isolate themselves once more. If the methodology of that going into hiding isn’t exactly perfect, well, the supernatural aren’t exactly known as masters of nice are they?

I continue to like Sookie here – her continued weariness, listening to her instinct and her attempt at subtly (though once questions why she thought it’d work when she was in a realm of telepaths) when trying to get her Grandfather to escape with her wasn’t bad, and I especially liked her declaration that she really isn’t a threat to the realm because she’s totally going to stay away from vampires (though for some reason the Queen didn’t seem to buy that anymore than the audience does/will).

I do question what is the point of mini-arc beyond the fact that it gets her out of Bon Temps for a year while other things coalesce – I suppose we’ll see what happens next week now that they’re back in the human realm – but still. I’m still iffy on it. We’ll see.

Too much a good thing?

We are a spoiled lot, Trubies are. True Blood has put out more promotional goodies in the ramp up for the new season than any show I can think of – certainly on HBO, and probably on network or basic cable where if a show is lucky they’ll have one or two promo segments.

Between the top of my head and surfing Trueblood News I’ve managed to compile the following list of promotional items put out ahead of the new season:

-5 in production segments (Eric/Sookie, Eric/Bill, Jason/Crystal, Sam/Girlfriend, Arlene/Terry)

– The scene screened at Paley Fest that was subsequently released by HBO (At Fangtasia)

-Invitation to the Set (Aired as part of the Game of Thrones Pre-Show)

-Screen test series (one group, plus another 10 of individual actors)

-The Andy Bellefleur character perspective from the S3 Blu-Ray

-2 3-minute previews on HBO Go (one this week, one next week)

-‘Real’ preview commercials (“Breaking Up Sucks”, the Extra preview, “Witches vs. Vampires”, “The Wait is Almost Over”,

-“Show your colors” posters

-Promotional images for episodes 1-4, plus the 20+ pictures released this week

-The #TBwithdrawl website & Hooked Posters

-The Dig Deeper item-find challenge.

-The Dig Deeper S3 special airing on June 7 (you could argue it doesn’t count because it’s a recap of S3, but I’m sure S4 will get mentioned if only briefly)

With the exception of the in-production segments which first started to air in March 5 (Paley Fest) and the Invitation to the set (April 7) almost every single last bit of these has been in the last MONTH. And now that we’re in the home stretch we’ll start to see the actors doing media – Rutina’s already been on Craig Ferguson, Alex has been in GQ and Interview, Anna and Stephen have been in health-focused magazines, the show has been mentioned in EW, USA Today, possibly TV Guide – the list goes on and on and actually while compiling this list you realize just how overwhelming it really can be.

Which brings me to my question – is all this strictly necessary?

I love me a good preview as much as any, but it’s clear we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns in terms of the previews – each new preview has less new content and more content from previous ads – Alan has likely shown us all that he’s willing to show us. Beyond that, do we really want to see this much? We’ve been handed not-so-subtle hints for almost all the major storylines on S4 thus far – for Eric, for Arlene, for Jess and Hoyt, Lafayette and Jesus, Sam, for Jason. We don’t quite know what’s going on with Tara, we’re not 100% sure what’s going on with Bill or Sookie, we’re not sure why Sophie-Anne hasn’t changed clothes since the finale of season 3, but we still know a ton! Will that take away from the enjoyment of the new season if you know too much?

I feel bad for the spoiler-phobic, HBO is making it all but impossible to remain the dark about what’s going to go on next season. My biggest worry though is True Blood burnout – the ultimate Trubies will continue to lap this all up, but what about the more casual fan? Will they be geared up for the season or so sick of the ads that they don’t watch?

Only time will tell, and that’ll be an interesting sight to see.

My Thoughts – HBO GO 3 min Preview – SPOILERS

Before I go any further I want to say that I hate, hate hate the design of the faery land. It’s the fae via s Mt. Olympus by way of Hercules: The Legendary Journey. Seriously, Aphrodite in her pink lace- bedazzled bikini and Ares in his black studded leather would fit right in here. I get that it’s supposed to be ethereal but instead it comes off as low-budget and cheesy looking. Knowing Ball, the design was by choice which makes it worse. He may well agree with Sookie and think that the fae thing is so lame, but the audience needs to buy into the fae because at some point (whether in S4 or next year in S5) the fae will be a bigger plot point. By making their home ridiculous it makes it harder to buy into it.

As for the promo itself, I like the fact that Sookie isn’t just “oooh, pretty!” and instead has learned something from all her time spent with the vamps and is, instead, rather suspicious of everything that’s going on. I like the fact that she isn’t hopping on the “We aren’t freaks here yay!” bandwagon that Barry is on and that she doesn’t immediately eat the fruit – and really stays away from it when she notices that everyone up there seems to be obsessively eating that “pure happiness.” Sookie even gets a nice dig in at Claudine with her “If it’s your job to protect me, can I say you suck?”

The bit with her Grandfather is intriguing, and all of it put together suggests that there may or may not be something slightly more sinister in Faery land, even if we don’t know what it is. The design issues I mentioned above cheapen the bit of suspense that is just built in and just frustrate me again about the way it was done because there is something good here. We’ll see how it plays out.

Overall, it’s a solid three minutes of show time, I’m not 100% sure that I’d choose to lead off the episode with it given everything else that was left hanging at the end of Season 3, but it’s too soon to call whether something else might have been a better start.