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Fang-A-Thon Day 30: My Hopes For Bill

First off, I’d like to thank those of you who have taken the time to read my blog, even more so the few who took time to comment.

Anyway, I realized that over the course of this fest that I haven’t really talked that much about Bill or my hopes for him. I’ve resisted the idea of doing posts in defense of him because I feel like I shouldn’t have to defend my enjoyment of a character. I will continue to resist it because I don’t want to end my blog on such a down note. Instead, I can’t think of a better way to end than to look forward and what I hope to see in Season 5 and beyond.

  • Bill survive – On some level, it seems silly to put this on this list. Given that Bill’s story has so central to the show’s story since Season 3 and that Ball is ultimately a Bill/Sookie shipper (and no, it doesn’t matter Ball isn’t the showrunner anymore. He’ll still have plenty of influence over season 6) it’s still never safe to assume anything. For all that I’m certain that the show will with them together or at least a strong hint that they will end together they could just as easily pull the rug out from under us. So it still seems right to put his survival on this list. Sophie Anne was ultimately small fry. Now that he’s going to be neck-deep in inter-Authority squabbling it’ll be interesting to see how they manage it. I also that if/when he does survive it doesn’t feel cheap. Though I don’t want to drag Vampire Diaries into this, I feel like that it is the most apt comparison: in season 3 Damon regularly went up against Originals – Elijah, Kalus, Kol, Rebekah and each time he got his ass handed to him over and over and over again. He should have been dead a million times. Bill’s definitely had more of his share of luck on his side, but he survived Sophie Anne by being smart. That’s how I want to see him survive – by smart moves, not just by deus-ex-machina “he’s the main character” luck.
  • Bill not necessarily with anyone at the end of the season – Oh, I totally want Bill and Sookie back together at some point. But is this the point? I’m not really sure. One of the aspects of Season 4 that I liked was that Bill wasn’t necessarily in a rush to get back together again with Sookie. Did he want to be with her? Sure. Did he still fuck his bodyguard the same even though he knew she was alive? Yup. His Kingdom was his priority and he wasn’t going to risk it for love. I feel like he should be in that stage for some years to come. I also think that he’d also way his happiness against her safety and the stability of his Kingdom. Her existence essentially brought Jessica into the world as a vampire and brought down Sophie Anne (had she not existed, Bill likely wouldn’t have had the chance to go back to Bon Temps and there are decent odds she’d still be on the throne because you don’t know that another situation would have arouse that gave Bill the excuse/desperation to make his move) and could in some regards topple him too. As long as she lives and vampires talk there are good odds that someone will be after her. The more that come the greater the risk. Caution dating her isn’t a bad thing.
  • Bill’s relationship with Jessica and Eric continue to grow. – I like how in Season 4 we got the inference that Bill stepped up as Maker and that he and Jessica were able to not only patch up their relationship but both seem to truly trust each other and be there for each. In early Season 2, Bill and Jessica seemed likely to go the way of Bill and Lorena, but now they seem to be firmly heading towards Godric/Eric or Eric/Pam territory – a solid relationship that will likely last for centuries. I want it to continue that way. Along those lines, I’d like the understanding between Bill and Eric to grow. As much as I’m all team bromance, what’s more important the humor derived from the situation is what happens after. It’s clear that Eric tolerated Sophie-Anne as queen and the start of Season 4 showed him paying Bill only that courtesy – if even that much. I don’t necessarily want them to be BFF’s at the end of it, but if it’d be nice if we got them closer to the loyalty that amnesia Eric showed in Season 4 so that Eric could be the one Sheriff he could truly put his faith in.
  • Bill continue to grow, but still keep his humanity – Finally, I want Bill continue to grow. He’s still a newcomer to the world of vampire politics. He’s done a hell of a job to this point, but he’s in so deep now he’ll never get out. Just as Nan said, “Ever heard of a King that retired?” For as long as he walks the earth, Bill will be a player, either as King or perhaps eventually as a member of the Authority itself. If he’s going to live to see 200, let alone 300, 500 or 1000 he’s going to have to get better and better. At the same time, to do that and keep that humanity that sets him apart from other major players is going to be incredibly difficult, if not almost impossible. I want to see that struggle and hope that he wins it.

I’m sure that there are other things that I’m missing, but I think that’s a solid list of basics as any. I hope that everyone enjoyed the Fang-A-Thon and I’ll see you all for the Fangover this September.


Fang-A-Thon Day 29: Why I Hope [Spoiler] Is Real

All right. One last warning for spoilers. Spoilers regarding the two people below. Don’t want to know, leave now.

Okay. By now it should be obvious post is going to be about Pam and Tara’s fate.  There have been hints about this for a while now: the title of the premiere “Turn, Turn, Turn” and the preview with the oversized grave that looks rather similar to the one that Bill dug when he turned Jessica. There have been hints in the media, most notably the TV Guide interview with the following quotes about the ladies.

Tara: R.I.P.? Not this tortured soul. Sookie’s BFF, shot dead in the season finale will be back…”And she’s going to experience a growing intimacy with the last person she would have ever expected.”

Pam: “There’s a new vampire in her life,” Ball teases. He/she will fill the void while maker Eric is MIA.”

If that isn’t convincing enough proof, it was confirmed at the Season 5 Premiere that Pam indeed does turn Tara. Personally speaking, I’m looking forward to this chain of events for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, this chain of events would allow both characters a lot of room to grow, which quite frankly they need. Pam is the Queen of One Liners, but she’s never really been developed much beyond that point (unless you count whiny and clingy as positive growh) and this event could truly be a liberation for Tara. Instead of her rejecting it and meeting the sun, I could absolutely see her embracing it and like Jessica, finally truly begin to thrive in her life. Although she’ll certainly still have time to obsess over Sookie, having to be a Maker to Tara will force her to vamp up and focus on someone other than herself. Plus, I think these two could be a good match. They’re both feisty and beautiful and would appreciate that in a partner.

Second, from a plot perspective this just makes sense. Clearly we see both Bill and Eric hear/feel Sookie’s cry for distress. However, neither one of them is exactly in a position to be turning anyone right now, not with the Authority hot on their heels. Pam however, has disobeyed both Bill and Eric. Turning Tara could easily be her punishment just as turning Jessica was Bill’s.  Plus it gives those characters something to actually do while Bill and Eric are off hunting Russell and trying to not get killed by all of the Authority politics. It’s also nice from a plot angle because it’s finally a plot where Tara isn’t a victim or being cared for someone a definitely bonus.

Finally, I love the possibilities for how it can change the interactions between Tara and Lafayette and Sookie. We’ve already seen a strained relationship between Sookie and Lala, and this is no doubt at least a part of the source of the tension. The three have been friends for so long that you hope that you’ll see the friendship strained to the limits yet somehow pull through. Or maybe it’ll end in a glorious mess. Either way, it’ll be great to watch.

I know that there’s already a lot of people out there that aren’t exactly keen on this idea, but I hope that they take a moment and give it a chance. It may just wind up being one of the things we talk about as one of Season 5’s highlights.

Fang-A-Thon Day 28: 11 Things to Remember From ‘And When I Die’

Season 4 was a bit unusual in that it was the first season that didn’t immediately follow the one proceeding. Because of that loose ends from the finale of Season 3 weren’t necessarily tied up (such as Maxine buying the shotgun after Hoyt said he was going to be with her) and as a result you could get by without having the finale fresh in your mind.

Season 5 however, will be returning to the previous trend of picking up exactly where Season 4 left off. With that in mind here are a list of events that you’re going to want to remember since they’re surely going to have play on Sunday…

1. Lafayette’s blood powers – I use that phrase deliberately because I do think the remorse over what he did to Jesus will come into play. It won’t matter that he wasn’t his right self, it was still his hand that did the deed. How he’ll use these powers should be interesting to watch in the season ahead.

2. Fall out from Marcus’ death- this will certainly entangle Sam and Alcide, and there’s a very good chance that it’ll ensnare Luna as well due to her past relationship with Marcus and her more current relationship with Sam. She could easily become some kind of pawn in the upcoming fight, not to mention they’re still going to have to deal with Emma and the very real fact that her daddy’s dead because of Sam.

3. Jason/Jessica/Hoyt – It’s clear from previews that Jason and Jessica will continue to explore this new friends with benefit relationship. Hoyt’s hurt at Jason’s betrayal isn’t likely to go away soon. Look for things to remain strained.

4. Jason/Vampire!Newlin/Jessica – The relationship between these two was complicated even when Newlin was still a human.It’s only going to get more so now. Previews also show him interacting with Jessica so I imagine that a lot of their storyline will intertwine this season.

5. Patrick – The ghost of fricking RENE warned Arlene about this guy. ‘Nuff said.

6. Debbie’s death – Previews have suggested that Sookie is having trouble dealing with it, not only in the possible form of nightmares, but based on her conversation with Alcide. Look for it to color her interactions, at least through the first part of the season.

7. Tara’s questionable status – Many of you likely know what have happened, but for those who don’t read spoilers I won’t say. Let’s just remember that no one on True Blood is truly dead til you see the body in the ground and even then…

8. Pam – There’s going to be some kind of fall out from her behavior last season. Although her behavior is likely what ultimately saved Eric and Bill (though I’m sure Sookie could have microwave hands up a solution herself) it’s also likely the reason why we have the death warrant on Bill and Eric. Plus there’s the fact that she disobeyed Eric by revealing her location to Bill and disobeyed Bill by not revealing the location sooner. She’s in hot water with two powerful vamps. Something will happen.

9. Bill and Eric and the Dead Gay Storm Troopers – Doing the Authority’s dirty work (i.e. killing Nan) doesn’t get you out of the warrant on the True Death. The main motivation for their storyline this season is the fallout of the fact that they’re still alive and Nan is not.

10. Bill and Eric and Sookie – There’s clearly going to be some extra love interests for Bill (apparently Salome) and Eric (Nora) and perhaps even some bromance between the guys, but the triangle wouldn’t just fade away.

11. Chains and a hole where Russell used to be buried – Nothing more need be said.

Honorable mention

12. Andy and Holly – the apology was sweet and the confession a big step for the guy. Whether they continue that storyline remains to be seen.


Phew! Quite a lot isn’t it? When you first watched the episode, it didn’t necessarily feel like a lot of stuff happened, but break it down and it’s really was a crazy episode wasn’t it? We have a lot to look forward to this season and I hope you’re all as excited as I am.

Fang-a-Thon Day 27: Theme of the Season [mild spoilers]

Alan Ball often likes to have thematic narratives that arc over a season. Season 2 for example was religion, season 3 was politics. Perhaps part of the reason season 4 suffered was because there was no official theme. Regardless, the theme of season 5 is officially “Church and State”

So the main storyline for the vampires is going to be the battle within the Authority – the pro-mainstream camp lead by Roman vs. the Sanguinistas, which are likely the #vampyr faction who want to drink humans like cattle. Roman basically agrees to cut a deal with Bill and Eric for help with the Sanguinistas more so than Russell.

I’m intrigued by this notion and look forward to how it’s going to play out over the course of the season. Not only does it let the show get its usual social commentary on, but it makes perfect sense that there WOULD be this kind of battle going on among vampires. You know that when the decision to come out of the coffin was made, it wasn’t put up to a popular vote. It really probably was something like “I am Roman. I am the Authority. We reveal ourselves” and lo they did. And I’m sure that many were not happy about it, hence having a decided need for pro-mainstreaming monarchs and why the Authority cleared the way for Bill to become King. Digression aside, you know that the tensions that have been hinted at subtlety and more overtly probably have been running much deeper than we’ve been lead to believe and now is threatening to spill out into the public as a full out civil war – the likes of which could bring about all their demises. We don’t know much more beyond this. There are teases that perhaps Russell isn’t the main villain and we’ll also see the European Authority as well.

All told, I think there is a lot of play with this idea and I look forward to how it comes together.

Fang-A-Thon Day 26: Maid of Horror

Tonight on True Bites there was a discussion of the significance of Eric cleaning my office in the promotion for Sunday night’s episode. Whilst I personally believe that this is meant to be little more than a moment of levity before they face the wrath of the Authority, that is not the point of this post.

The point of this post is that the women in my life (and yes, @TB_PamR you count as one even though we will both meet the Sun before ever sharing a bed) went there and put the image of Eric in a French Maid outfit into my mind.

And I loathe them for it for I cannot unsee it and I wish with all might that that image never have been implanted in the first place.Instead, I shall focus on this image instead.

Although it is certainly not Sookie, I truly wish it were. She is irresistible enough even in her Merlotte’s uniform. Picturing her in this…well. If she forgives me for putting her in the middle of Eric’s and I petty behavior…it will not be long before I hope she models it for me.

But I digress.

Eric is not my maid in any way, shape or form. It was a one time task that needing completing. And I am thankful it was done. And that is as far as it goes. Understood?


Fang-A-Thon Day 25: Maker’s Day

Why thank you for that Jess, it’s quite sweet of you! Also, I hope you are sincere in your lack of rush to become a Maker yourself. You will know when the time is right for you become one, whether that is thirty years from now or three hundred. It can be a truly rewarding experience after you get through the initial headaches, just like it has been with you. I am proud to claim you as my progeny and I hope we celebrate many Maker’s Day’s to come.

Fang-A-Thon Day 24: So You Want to RP

Every once in a while I get approached by a new player who wants to play someone in relation to Bill. More often than not, I need to gently let them down. It’s not something that I like to do, and I’m sure it’s not any more fun being on the receiving end of the rejection.

Here are some hints that might help out the new player that’s trying to approach someone to play with them.

  • If they’re in a group, have you checked out the website for that group and tried to join it?

Group websites will tell you who is taken or needed and will tell you right away the odds of getting a positive response. If you contact me as Sookie, you’re going to get declined. I have @DarlingSookie and I’m not looking for another. Most groups don’t allow duplicates in unless there’s some kind of reason for it. Also, most people in groups don’t play with those not in the group. It’s nothing personal, it just makes life easier. I will personally respond to occasional compliments/comments made by characters from another group, but you won’t see me RPing with them.

Not sure if they’re in a group? Check their profile. There will either be a link to follow, a mention of a group name, or letters that identify them. When in doubt, ask. They should get back to you with a response.

  • Have you checked out their storyline?

Some groups are strictly show cannon. Some are strictly SVM novels. Some are hybrid. Some are set in a particular season. Some are canon only. Some are mostly original characters.  Your character may or may not fit into the mold of the game. If your character doesn’t make sense compared to where the game is at, you’re going to get a rejection. Personally, I find it irritating when I get a request from someone that there character just won’t make sense. I remain flattered you want to play with me, but you’re just wasting both of our time.

  • Don’t get angry if you get turned down.

Trust me, I know it’s hard to get established on Twitter. But getting angry won’t help your cause. If anything, it will validate the player’s decision to turn you away because no one really wants overly dramatic people in their group. If you do get turned down go back to step one and do your research. Maybe you’ll find there’s a wanted character in a group that will get you your same goal (say interaction with Eric) just with a different character.

  • Feel free to start your own group.

The great thing about twitter is there are an infinite number of possible characters. Can’t find a group that’s right for you? Look for other unaffiliated characters and play with them. There are players out there who will RP with whomever, it just takes time and energy to find them. Or if you’ve got some other friends who are interested, start your own group.  You don’t need to be in one of the major groups to have fun. You’ll find your niche eventually, it just may not be where you started.

I hope this helps some new players and I wish you all the best on your RP journey!