So @DarlingSookie and I were debating whether we wanted to air the final True Bites before or after the finale. We finally decided on before (6 pm EST/3 pm PST to be specific) because while we recognize there are things we won’t enjoy about the finale, we wanted to go out on a positive note. So instead, we decided to talk about a few of our favorite things. I don’t know how much we’ll be able to get to in only a half-hour, but you can see my list below. Tune in and find out

Favorite Premiere – Season 5
As a whole, Season 5 was a big mess. Roman was a big bust, Russell wasn’t the threat that he was in Season 3 (though he was still quite fun) and the less said about Ifrit the better. That said, when the premiere came on, it really got me excited for the season. This episode had great moments between Eric and Bill (cleaning up after Nan, the reach around), Eric and Nora (that uncomfortable but kind of hot Eric/Nora scene while Bill listened) and of course it had the resurrection of Tara and Pam’s infamous yellow sweat-suit. In short, it did everything a premiere should do, even if the season as a whole couldn’t live up to it.

Favorite Finale – Season 4
The fourth season was a complete and utter hot mess, but damn if the finale wasn’t fantastic (and, in my opinion, helped make next season’s opener so strong). We got Marnie’s last stand and rather crispy vampires. We got the perfectly-acted, and therefore devastating, scene where Sookie dumped both Bill and Eric. We also had Tara getting shot and Sookie returning the favor to Debbie. And let’s not forget how Eric decapitated the storm troopers before Bill staked Nan claiming he wasn’t a “fucking puppy dog.” Perfect. That season may have had the worst opener, but the finale definitely helped make up for it.

Favorite Season – Season 3
It’s hard to pick a favorite season of the show, because on some level, all the seasons are somewhat inconsistent simply because there’s just always so much going on. But if I had to pick one, I’d probably pick this one. Russell as a villain can’t be beat. We got the revelation at the very end that Bill isn’t so innocent after all. We had a fair amount of Queen Sophie-Anne and The Magister. Sam’s V-induced sex dream of Bill. Cooter. Lorena. Guest appearances by two notable Vampire Diaries alum – Daniel Gillies (before his premiere as Elijah) and Arielle Kebbel (Lexi). There’s a lot to like here. This is the point where the show really started to open up beyond the fairly self-contained first two seasons and it hadn’t quite gone completely over the top yet. Good times.

Favorite Villain – Russell Edgington
Hands down. A recent article called him one of the best villains on television period, and I’d be inclined to agree. This is definitely an instance of character and actor blending so damn well. He was genteel, he was devious, he gave no fucks about the Authority or their Mainstreaming agenda. He loved Talbot. His character felt watered down in Season 5, but at his peak, he was perfection. When he killed that news anchor, it actually spurred the President to ask at a press conference the next day if anyone had seen it. You don’t get more water cooler moment than that.

Favorite Ship – Eric/Bill/Pam
Bet ya thought I was going to put Bill/Sookie there, didn’t you? Originally I was going leave it as Bill and Eric. They had a truly epic bromance because Alex and Stephen get along so damn well. But the fantastic banter between Bill and Pam also started as early as the first season (when she was put in charge of babysitting Bill when he’d been ordered to turn Jessica) just as Bill already had respect for Eric that early too (when Bill defended Eric to Sookie after Sookie first met Eric). Over time that simple tolerance grew into begrudging respect and maybe something a little bit more. Though he may not admit it, I bet if you really pressed him, Bill would be on that list of vampires that Eric cared about. When the show hits it lows, I could always count on this trio of vampires to keep me engaged, so they are my favorite ship of the show.

Favorite Death(s)- Bill’s death/Resurrection (vampire) and Governor Burrell and his lackeys (non-vampire) (Tie)
So I cheated a bit by picking two, but I really just couldn’t pick on. When Bill began to dissolve after drinking Lilith’s blood I remember screaming at the television, then screaming more as he began to reform. It was about the last thing I think anyone expected, and when even Eric looks scared, you know shit is bad.

As for Burrell, picking death of a non-vampire went down to this and to Russell’s execution to stop the VRA from going through. It’s unquestionably a top moment of the series, but the way  Bill just breezed into that courtyard- in the day – wiped out the guards then tore off his head? You just can’t beat that for sheer epic awesomeness.

Favorite Scenes
This turned out to be the toughest category. I found myself wanting to pick several Jessica moments by themselves, because although she could be annoying, she also had scenes with some of the most heart on the series. I’m sure there are others, but these are some of the first to pop into my head.

Jessica – I narrowed this down to two: a quiet conversation between Bill and Jess in season 4 and Jessica’s prayer to Billith in season 6. The first I picked because it really showed how much the pair had grown from their antagonistic introduction. It was sweet and paternal and, being True Blood, it had this great sense of the absurd as you could hear a vampire being executed outside and neither one of them so much as blinked. The second one I picked was just incredibly moving as she went down her list of people she loved and people she wanted watched. After the somewhat clumsy debate of religion in Season 5, this simple prayer I think encapsulated it better than anything. She didn’t know if she could trust either bible. She didn’t know if she was praying to God, to Lilith or nothing, but in a time of great uncertanty, she needed someone to pray to. Deborah Ann Woll just nailed it. Honorable mention goes to Jessica’s glamouring of Hoyt, though I think that him being brought back in Season 7 has tarnished that somewhat.

Andy’s proposal to Holly – Andy has been one of the few characters with almost steady character growth throughout the season and character I really wanted a happy ending for. His proposal – from gathering the ring from Sookie to his fumbling of the proposal itself was perfect and a definite highlight of a lack-luster season.

Bill and Eric watching Sookie hurl on Alcide’s shoes – In the long run, this scene doesn’t have too much importance, but for me personally, this is when I when from being indifferent on Alcide to hating his character. He goes to see how Sookie is done. He is completey sober while she is completely wasted. And he tried to hook up with her. I still find that gross to this day and had they actually fucked, I might have lost respect for the show entirely. So watching Sookie hurl while Bill and Eric provided color commentary was awesome.

What are yours? Comment below or hit me up on twitter and hope to have you listening in tomorrow before everyone comes to an end.