So in just under 7 days, the finale for True Blood will air. I’m ready for it. This season has been so low on tension and drama that we’ve just been limping to the end.

Despite this being the second to last episode, I still feel like there are no stakes that matter. Bill’s story doesn’t wrap up until next week, and there are few other driving tensions at this point. Yeah, Sarah is still alive, but it’s still pretty much a matter of when and how she dies, over whether she dies.

So, was this episode as low key as I expected it to be?

In a word: yes.

We spent a lot of time setting up Hoyt and Jessica’s HEA. We spent a lot of time setting up what seems like to be a HEA with Jason and Bridgett. Lafayette and James seemed to be confirmed as a thing for the long haul; Sam was a pussy and wrote people letters instead of calling and Willa’s existence continued to be forgotten. Bill makes a bit of sense, but his best scenes continue to be with Eric and not Sookie, and for some reason Pam feels like she needs to touch up Sarah’s roots – a nice nod to S2, but still a bit of an odd scene nonetheless, not unlike Eric and Ginger, which is another bit of fan service that may yet be the most pointless and confusing bit in a season full of poinless fanservice.

I will say that there were moments that touched me a bit (especially Jessica getting released. It’s nice getting clarification that she wasn’t released in season 5 after all) so this ep does have that, but yeah. I’m ready for next week.

This whole season has been filler. It baffles me that they had so much trouble coming up with content to fill the ten episodes, when they’ve traditionally had enough to fill up twice their show’s seasonal order, resulting in stories being cut short or dropped.

Bring on “Thank you,” so that we can finally make peace with what remains of a show I once loved.

Verdict: C+