Remember this post?

Well, we’re now heading into the second to last episode of the show and so I figured now would be as good time as any to take a look and see how they’re stacking up, especially since nothing has been outright disproven.

Needless to say, spoilers abound. Don’t read if you don’t want to know about what might yet come.

When I look at this last time, I only touched on a few. This time, I’m going to do a more thorough picking apart of things. I’m taking some of these out of order so I can keep it all grouped by character.

Bill was infected with Hep V from feeding off Sookie, and Sookie was infected right before Alcide died, when she was covered in Hep V blood. This is also why the writers had Jessica specifically not want to feed off of Sookie’s blood, so they had her feed from Lafayette instead, otherwise Jessica would have been infected too.  However, since Sookie is part fae, her blood interacts with the Hep V virus in a different way than regular human blood. As a result, Bill’s infection progresses at a much more rapid pace than normal Hep V.

So far – all true. That said, Sookie being the source wasn’t much of a stretch and the previews themselves indicated that it’d progress faster than normal. Verdict: correct

After the disease runs its course, Bill turns into a human. The disease mutates from Sookie’s blood and just when it looks like Bill is about to die, he becomes human. Hopefully that answers some questions.

Not yet proven. However, this past week Bill did refuse to drink from Sarah Newlin who is the cure and he does seem to be ready to die. It’s still up in the air, but this is looking like it may be plausible. Verdict: unknown

You will also see a lot of flashbacks to the first season when Sookie was young. It’s really funny cuz they tried to make Anna Pacquin look younger, like she did in the first season of the show

I almost forgot..Sookie will lose her powers by the end of the show and she will become human. I don’t know the storyline for how this happens though because it was still up in the air when we were filming.

Not sure when this was written, because by the these came out, we’d already seen all of the flashbacks to the first season. Maybe more got left on the cutting room floor. Sookie losing her powers also seems up in the air, but was it me or did it seem like her fairy hands fizzled a bit when blasting the boards at Fangtasia? Verdict: unknown

ALSO get ready for Lafayette and Tara to have some scenes together. It turns out that Lettie Mae’s crazy talk about Tara not being able to move on is actually true.

Tara is certainly dead and will not be coming back to life. She will have a scene with Lafayette and Lettie Mae (either next week or the week after I’m not sure) and she is genuinely creepy in the scene. And there will be some closure to her character. No Lettie Mae definitely did NOT kill Tara!!

Tara will appear in the flashbacks to season 1. So technically she will not spend the entire season on the cross.

Last night confirmed that Tara wasn’t ready to move on until she let her mother know she had her forgiveness, so that’s definitely true. How creepy those scenes were in the trailer with Lala and Lettie Mae are up to the viewer, but I can see how you might interpret them that way. There’s another mention of more S1 flashbacks, so unless they’re next week I think we can safely say they got cut. Verdict: Correct

I honestly  couldn’t tell you what happens to Eric. There were two conflicting storylines but I am pretty sure the producers went with the one where he dies. expect to see more of that human girl that he sacrificed to save Pam’s life when they were threatened by the Yakuza. 

As for Eric: in one of the story lines for Eric he dies (not from Hep V but from sacrificing himself to save another character), in another storyline he is cured, and in another he is made human just like Bill. As I said before I don’t know which storyline they eventually went with. 

We haven’t seen any more of that human and Eric is still clearly alive. Some are worried that he might die next week trying to protect Pam, but I’m not convinced they’d so blithely save him just to kill him off quickly. As for the human, either he’s lying or it’s on the editing room floor. The post does make clear that Eric’s fate is one of the things he’s mostly unaware of, so take that for what you will.  No Verdict – the prediction is too vague to call it.

O yea, and another main character from the show will be turned into a vampire before the end of the season.

Jason is not the other character who is turned into a vampire (it’s someone you REALLY wouldn’t expect to become a vampire haha).

Nothing on this yet, but it may well be something in the finale. At this point, if true, my money is on Lafayette, getting an HEA with James. Nelsan has made it clear that he’s happy with how Lala’s story resolved and I still think it’d be unexpected. Arlene could be a dark horse candidate for that, but Lala seems more likely. Verdict: Unknown

and Arlene’s sex dream about that vampire she drank from is HILARIOUS! hahahaha just wait..

I don’t know that that was hilarious, but she DID have a sex dream with Keith, which is what counts. Verdict: correct

I don’t know if Sarah Newlin dies or not. i do know that she and her sister will have a really physical scene together that required stunt doubles. There’s a lot more to Sarah Newlin’s backstory that is going to be revealed next week (assuming they didn’t edit those scenes out). The thing is, even though I know most of what was on the early drafts of the scripts and at the table reads, they ended up editing out a lot of stuff out.

Given how much other backstory has been edited out so far, it looks like this may have been a victim of the editors as well. I’m going to call this a wash, because we’ll probably never know. Verdict: No verdict. We’ll probably never know unless/until Anna Camp ends up doing interviews about it.

BTW you will see some full frontal male nudity this season with James. Also, Adeline will be getting a lot of screen time next week as they develop her relationship with her love interested further (Jason’s threat about how they “better not be fucking yet” is actually foreshadowing something haha)

While we didn’t get full frontal, we certainly did get very obvious sex scene with Lala and James, so I’m going chalk that up as correct. Also, Adeline/Wade did take up a couple of eps of screen time, so there’s a check there too. Verdict: Correct

I honeslty don’t know what happens to Pam, sorry. I do not remember any talk of her having a death scene though, so if she dies it is a choice that they made after I left the show.  

He doesn’t know, but given that we know that Stephen Moyer was in the final ADR (dubbing) session with Kristen Bauer, it’s not a stretch to think that she survives. Verdict: Unknown

You will see more scenes with Eric and Sookie. also, don’t forget there will be some pretty extensive flashbacks that go back to season 1

We definitely have seen more Eric and Sookie, but again those flashbacks never materialized. No Verdict because this isn’t much of a prediction of anything.

there will DEFINITELY be some fun cameos this season in the flashbacks. although, denis was not available to appear this season because of contractual obligations to american horror story. you will see more of hoytt (unless they cut out his scenes).

We’ve had a LOT of cameos, though not necessarily all in flashback form. Hoyt definitely did come back though, though by that point it wasn’t a real surprise.Verdict: No verdict

yes, jessica survives.

Too soon to tell on Jess, but that’s probably a safe bet. Verdict: Unknown

also, next week’s episode is going to center around violet’s revenge. she will try to destroy jessica’s reputation…violet’s storyline takes a really crazy twist and you will learn more about her backstory and the reason for why she is so crazy in next week’s episode (i am purposefully being vague at this point because i’d rather not give away the ENTIRE SEASON…I’ve already spoiled a few major storylines).

This is the only thing that comes of as patently false. The revenge certainly wasn’t about destroying her reputation and we didn’t learn her backstory. I’m guessing that any backstory got cut and the they changed their minds on how they wanted to handle the revenge, but still. Wrong is wrong. Verdict: Incorrect

SO where does that leave us? I grouped his post into fourteen separate parts. Of those:

  • Four are definitely right
  • One is definitely wrong
  • Four I rendered no verdict because either it was too vague or there wasn’t a real guess there
  • Five are too soon to tell (and we’ll likely need to wait til the finale to find out)

Although we have almost half that we cannot confirm yet, the fact that he’s been fundamentally right on four of five things we can judge is pretty telling. And he did state that he saw early drafts, so it is possible that things got changed.

Whether this is enough to sway you on legitimacy of the spoilers, or you still think that someone is making educated bases on fan speculation is up to you, of course. I’m still leaning towards this all being true because I can’t put it past the writers and I don’t know why they would have gone this course with Bill if they were planning on giving him the cure too. We’ll know soon enough.