So last week on True Blood…I got bored. Real bored. Spaced out bored. It’s something True Blood should never be. Even at it’s worse (think season 4’s premiere or the whole story with Crystal and the weres) it’s always been able to at least elicit a response of what the hell am I watching? But boring? Never.

Sadly, boring seems to be the name of the game and it doesn’t likely to change much. Sam’s story won’t be resolved this week. Sookie and Bill are going to do a lot of talking. Andy and Holly will presumably worry. Jason will continue to revert to his first season brain-dead self. Something might happen with Sarah Newlin, but I get the vibe that this will be dragged out to next week. Maybe the show will remember that Willa exists. It remembered that Tara had a story line floating around last week (however briefly) so there’s always a chance, right? Anyway.

Warning: I swear more than normal.

Has this episode redeemed the last several episodes?

Not really.

It’s better than last week, but thats not exactly saying much. The word of the episode is “anticlimactic.”

Exhibit A – Eric
Huzzah! Eric is healed! Wait. It was before the credits rolled? Er….uh….okay. So all that time of Sarah going crazy waiting for her death so she could be come the new Messiah was for nothing. Got it.

Exhibit B – Lettie Mae/Tara
So the big thing Tara wanted everyone to know was that she felt bad for not shooting her abusive dad and that she forgives Lettie Mae for being a shitty mom. Er. Okay. That her dad was abusive isn’t exactly a big shock. And honestly, Lettie Mae hasn’t been around long enough as a character to make you want her to get that forgiveness. She just was. I figured that it wouldn’t lead to anything that great, but this was weak even by my already low standards.

Ultimately, this was a waste of a storyline: you could have excised the whole thing and no one would have realized it.

Exhibit C – Violet & Aidlyn/Wade
The second she started to monologue like a Bond villain I knew she was dead and that no one would get hurt. While it was funny that she admitted she wanted to be with Jason because he was stupid. But they get there, she dies quick, there are hugs all around and yeah.

Oh and Jason not kicking Bridgette out of the car? sigh.

Exhibit D – Sophie Anne and her plans for a fae breeding house.
What the actual fuck. I can’t.

Oh, not everything was anticlimactic, but it wasn’t any better. Bill dreaming that he and Sookie gave birth to the Smoker Monster from Lost wasn’t scary, but a head scratcher and don’t even get me started on Bill refusing to drink. Fuck that. I could do an entire rant on that bit alone. Oh hey. Wait. Sam wasn’t in this episode at all! Why wasn’t he? You know that resolution will just exist (and probably be Sam deciding that he can’t leave Bon Temps and Nicole leaving him) and would have fit in with this episode well.

Hoyt existed. Jessica and Jason seem done (which makes me think we’ll get Hoyt/Jessica at the end after all…yay?, Willa continues to be invisible and Arlene as no where to be found (which is okay, because you know they’re going to put her with Keith, so why bother developing that, right?)

I’m done with season. There’s no salvaging it any more. It’s limping towards the end and I can only hope that it doesn’t ruin everything when it gets there.

Verdict: C