In regards to the spoilers I posted last week – still taking with a grain of salt. This week didn’t prove anything one way or the other. That Sookie was the source of Bill’s Hep-V was no real big surprise, even if I forgot about the specific cut on her arm. Anyway.

Anyway. On to this week.

Karma was the filler episode I expected last week. We moved characters from A to B to set up the end game of the last three episodes. Yes, four remain, but the fourth is going to be a post-season wrap up as it was in S6. The main story will be wrapped up by episode 9. Ultimately this episode was just okay and I honestly don’t even feel like really going over everything. I feel like there were only a few things of notes:

– Watching Bill snap? Awesome

– As much as I like seeing a strong Pam, it doesn’t feel right given how her character’s been played to now. It kind of feels like Alex’s heart isn’t in, to be honest.

– I rolled my eyes so hard during Sarah’s “New Me” (Noomi) speech. Also. ANTIDOTES DON’T WORK THAT WAY.

– Jason lost the IQ he’s gained over the past few season. He acted like the Jason of like season 1 or season 2. He’s had a fair amount of growth since then, but you couldn’t tell this week. He should have said something to Violet about going to get Sookie. He should have known that Violet would smell Jessica on him. Just. Not a good week for him.

-Andy/Holly – I’m sorry, Andy was in the right here. And Holly calling Aidlyn a slut was beyond uncalled for and doesn’t really feel right for Holly either. The only thing I’l say for this is that at least it ties back into the Violet storyline, so  its not totally useless?

-Sam/Nicole – Please stay gone, Nicole. Please. Sam knows better than anyone that Bon Temps is effed up, but it’s HIS effed up home.

Like I said, this was filler and felt as such. It was better than the first two episodes, but not much beyond it. This isn’t going to be an episode that’s remembered.

Verdict: C