Warning: This entire post is one giant spoiler. If you aren’t up to date and/or you don’t want to see what might be forthcoming, turn back now. YOU ARE WARNED. Seriously. MAJOR (potential) spoilers ahead

Okay, let’s talk about these spoilers

First things first: are they true? Obviously, it’s impossible to know for sure, but I’m inclined to believe they are for a few reasons:

1. If a person was going to post fake spoilers, they wouldn’t be nearly so detailed as what this person presents, yet still sound so plausible.

2. We all poo-pooed those 6.10 spoilers from last year, and well, it turned out to be 100% dead on.

3. It explains some small things that help make what we’ve already seen make more sense. For example, I know most of us were wondering what the hell Bill was doing flashing back to the Civil War last night. Well, according to this guy, there had been a scene of Bill and James discussing there time spent in war (remember, James is a Vietnam vet) and this is what triggered the flashback. It makes perfect sense. And, as we’ve already seen, the writers are willing to cut scenes and not worry about the effect that it may have on the narrative . Case in point: in episode 1, a scene had been filmed of Pam reacting to Tara’s death, but this was ultimately cut and lead to a LOT of confusion as to whether or not she’d met the True Death).

4. It sounds like something the writers would do. If what is said about Bill and Sookie are true, then it gives them a very neat way to set up the kind of Happily Ever After (HEA) that Sookie’s always wanted.

So while you still do have to take these with a grain of salt, my gut tells me that these are true.

Without further ado, let’s take a look. I’m not going to go through everything here (much seems self-explanatory), but focus on Bill, Sookie and Paric.

FINAL WARNING: You don’t want to know and you read on then, don’t come crying to me about it

Bill – So Bill did pick up Hep V from Sookie (remember when she got covered in Hep V blood and she had to bathe by the river?), but Sookie’s fae blood mutates the virus, so that in the end it doesn’t kill him, but turns him human.¬† This isn’t my favorite idea, but it would explain how they could save Bill without necessarily finding a cure. I steadfastly believe that while the producers may be crazy enough to kill Eric, they wouldn’t kill Bill AND Eric. The preview suggests the virus is mutating and fast, so I can’t see Bill lasting long either way. If this comes to pass, I’d expect it no later than 7 or 8. The finale seems to be a wrap up all the things (much like it was for S6) and I think it’ll happen before 9 because they’d want to get some mileage about his changing given that this is the final season. He was filming the last week of the show, so it seems plausible that he does make it to the finale.

Sookie – Sookie finally burns out her powers and becomes human. I can buy this too. She’s been riding on E for a while, and I can see her spending her last bit of fae light to save someone she loves.

Also, that HEA I mentioned? If both Bill and Sookie are human, then they can marry and have babies and a white picket fence like she’s always wanted. The synopsis for the finale mentions new beginnings (possibly another time jump) and that would certainly fit. At a stretch, you could say that both get turned vampire, but I honestly see Bill as one of those people that wouldn’t necessarily ask to be made human, but if it happened, I can see him embracing it instead of asking to be turned again.

Paric – either a) he sacrifices himself, b) he is cured of Hep-V or c) he turns human. The guy isn’t sure, but is leaning towards A. He doesn’t know which. He’s also not sure of what happened to Pam (who was alive when he left the show). So maybe he dies to save Pam? Given how sporadic Alex’s filming schedule is, I’m not entirely surprised he’s not sure.