So no True Bites this week. Not sure what will happen on that front, but I will keep recapping through the end of the season 🙂

All in all this was another strong episode. It’s like now that they found the gas pedal, they’re flooring it. I can’t say that I’m minding that, especially as they are finding time for some more human moments in the middle of all the crazy. Let’s break it down:

Newlin Family – Loved Amber, loved how Amber clicked with Pam and Eric. Loved how Bill’s book made the Newlin’s fall out of favor. Nice meeting them while they lasted.

Paric – “Look, Eric. I’m a Republi-cunt!” Hah. Cowboy!Eric was a hoot too. Oh, and Ginger. Oh, Ginger.

Willa- I rather respected Willa for continuing to take her stand against Eric for abandoning her. I can say I have a vested interest in her now. Nice job, writers, I didn’t think that was possible.

Bill – Man, Bill has been completely side-lined this season, hasn’t he? Really, that’s why he’s been having flashbacks. There’s some parallel between Bill’s situation then and now, but realistically, the flashbacks just gave him screen time. I legit swore when I saw the Hep V show up, but that all just confirms that they’ll find a cure. The might be crazy enough to kill Eric, but not the both of them.

Sookie – Lookie how the town is now in favor of her! Drunk Sookie is always hilarious. Her heart to heart with Arlene was sweet, and it was nice of Jackson to leave Alcide’s jacket for her.

James/Jessica/Lafayette – What a freaking mess. On the one hand, Lafayette won all the points for the wake. On the other hand, Lafayette damn well knew that James was with Jessica. And even though in many ways Lafayette had all the points in that speech he made, that still doesn’t make what he did right. All that said though, I do love James and Lafayette together, and I want him happy!

Andy/Holly – Best. Proposal. Ever. That whole thing was just so fitting for him. I hope they do get that happily ever after.

Jessica/Jason – Some things never change.

Violet – I actually felt bad for Violet. And honestly, I’m not surprised by Jason, but that doesn’t mean I approve either.

Lettie Mae – Why is she still on this show? Seriously.

Jane Bodehouse – she’s drinking. The world is set to right.

Nicole/Sam – I forgot about them when I first wrote this. Oops. Basically, she’s the sane version of Lettie Mae in the “Why is she still on this show?” sense. She has no chemistry with Sam, is with Sam only because she got knocked up while having sex just moments after Sam lost Luna and is a complete and utter bitch at the party. If Sarah’s mom was right when she said that half the country is being terrorized by Hep V vamps, then yes, this shit IS happening in other towns (and remember poor St. Alice?). Saving your loved ones and celebrating that fact is not some kind of horrible, evil, act. Even more so when there are many parts of the country (and the world for that matter) where it isn’t a wake if there isn’t food and drinking and general merriment. She’s so pregnant, I wish she’d begged off and sent Sam alone. Hell, I wouldn’t have missed Sam either this week given how he pretty much didn’t do anything.

Over all, it was still a mostly fun episode. There were some things I could have done with out, but it looks like the plot plot (where as this was definitely character focused, aside from Pam and Eric) is picking back up next week and most of the episode was enjoyable, so I’ll take it 🙂

Grade – B