Sorry for the lack of True Bites this week – life interfered! We’re looking at rescheduling for Sunday afternoon to discuss eps 3 and 4 (we’re skipping episode 2 due to the relative lack of relevancy), so keep an eye on @darlingsookie for details.

I’m watching this later than I normally do, so this is going to be a more stream-of-conscious kind of review this week πŸ™‚

Jackson and Hoyt – Poor Jackson. 😦 Wait. Did he always have two different colored eyes? Poor Hoyt too- and Poor Jason, unable to comfort friend the way he wanted to. I also liked Sookie’s little pep talk.

Eric/Pam – Now that’s a full service airline. I respect Eric for going back for Willa. And hey, an explanation for how so much of the population has Hep V! Poor flight attendant. “Did we fuck and I blocked it out?” Heh. That is kind of an awesome punishment. “Twizzlers. Not Red Vines.” LOL! And I actually love it, it makes perfect sense, really. Okay, the yakuza are human, which I had a question about a day ago. An entertaining scene.

Sookie & Arlene’s kids –Β  “Boys can’t talk without a ball in their hands.” Nice little scene, though. And Sookie is fierce. I get where both Sookie and Andy are coming from in this scene though. “I’m okay.” “You can’t be.” “I have to be.” Poor Holly. Poor Andy being clueless. Poor Sookie having to be so hard when she doesn’t want to be.

Wow. Some absolutely awful green screen going on in this Jason/Sam scene. Go Jason. This is damn impressive of him. Not so long ago he’d lead the entourage on an assault of Fangtasia.

James/Jessica – Go James, yay common sense! Yay going to Bill. Hah. Go Sookie. Man, I am loving Sookie this week.

Laserdisc!! Hahah. OMG. Ginger! OMG. That is Luke Perry. And Garbage! Hah.

Rosa – Okay, these scenes are starting to get a little old. Okay, god damn it, Sam, why did you tell her where the vamps were holding them? She’s going to tell the idiot brigade. Jason, you aren’t helping with telling that Bill is helping out.

Bill/Sookie – Frank talk time. And I don’t blame the vamps for not wanting to help. “It’s just lunch.” lol.

Lala! Lala makes everything better πŸ™‚ I do like that Jessica is finally dealing with the grief that she’s been hanging onto. “You can be a whole lot deader than you is, and you know it. Show me those baby fangs of yours.” I love Lala.

Oh my god. Ginger! And OMG. I can’t believe that Fang was Ginger’s idea. Hah. And that look when Pam realized that she just gave Ginger a compliment. And then stole the idea. Heh. Go Pam.

Pow wow at Bills. “You wrote a book where you claim to not be an asshole anymore.” Heh. Eric/Sookie’s theme πŸ™‚ Eric’s so not impressed with Sookie’s choice of suitor. LOL. Avalanche. Oops. It’s a nice scene, though it maybe feels a bit too sincere for Eric. I like Willa’s anger, and his response makes sense. Anytime we get more Bill/Eric is awesome πŸ˜€

Hah. Shapeshifters are handy. “I’m sorry, were you just a rat?” Arlene was holding it together so well and the rat is what causes her to lose it? Oh man. Poor Eric. How weak he already is. 😦 Wow. Pam actually telling Bill to stay safe in her way.

Ugh. Humans. And so predictable.

Um. Sookie. Try to get out of the burning building first maybe. “See? Not an asshole anymore.” Heh. OMG YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS. Go Bill. I’m guessing this is the end of the obnoxious humans. Are any even left? I get the whole near death thing, but did they HAVE to do that thing with Terry’s ghost. And hello Arlene’s new boyfriend.

Hahah. Eric eating Rosa.

Wow. Without question the first truly great ep of the season. This is the show that I’ve missing – a bit ridiculous, and a bit long winded, but unquestionably fun. The season may yet be salvaged.

Verdict – B+