Yanno, with some editing, *this* could have been our premiere episode. It moved along briskly, there was actual plot, and there were some fantastic plot twists. My major gripe about this episode actually had to deal with Eric, and how he was written, but I’ll get to it in good time.

As always, spoilers abound.
Bill – Bill in a tree. It amused the hell out of me and I don’t know why. I will say that I wish he was able to do more than serve as set up for the eventual reuniting of Bill and Sookie though.

Eric/Pam – On the one hand, we finally got a flashback that had plot relevance, and I loved seeing Nan Flanigan and her awesome 80s attire again (on that note, 80s Bill > 80s Eric). On the other hand, what the hell did they do to Eric? Eric would have *never* told Nan to fuck off. He’d smiled, said he understood, and then once she was well out of earshot told her to fuck off. It’s like they switched personalities. It was very odd. Also, why did Eric give a fuck about Sylvie? We were told he gave no fucks about humans, and then he tells Nan to fuck off because of a human? It just made zero sense.

The things I did like? Eric giving no fucks that Pam was trying to gain sympathy about Tara and (more importantly) the thing that motivated to Eric to want to fight was revenge on Sarah Newlin. THAT was classic Eric.

I will say though, the whole Yakuza aspect is still kinda weird.

Sookie – Her plan was stupid, but it was a plan, I guess. But who are we kidding? Much like the diary, the scene was really about re-establishing Bill and Sookie and on that sense she did okay. I will say I disagree with Maganiello that her dumping Alcide would have put Sookie in a bad light. Alcide was a classic rebound. She was too inexperienced and he’d wanted her too bad for either one of them to realize this and probably rushed the relationship. Her dumping him would have been HONEST and ultimately a kindess, because even Alcide doesn’t deserve to not have his love returned.

Alcide – Welp. I liked him last week, and the whole kicking in Bill’s door quickly restablished my dislike of him, because what a dick move. He was redeemed when he helped out Bill, so I guess it’s a wash. I actually called that he was going to die this week. I was more surprised that it was deliberate, as opposed to an accident which is what I thought would take him out. Some Alcide fans were pissed, but tbh, the showrunners did not hide that we’d be getting Bill/Sookie back. The real argument wasn’t if he’d die, but when.

Andy/Jess – I like to see them working together. I also like that Andy just walked away from that guy when he was all “ambulance?” and Andy just gives him that disgusted look. Jess didn’t really do that much episode except again not heal. Others are saying that it’s because she hasn’t been feeding, but I still can’t shake the feeling she’s got Hep V. I just hope that my gut is wrong.

Jason/Violet – I liked their fight. And I LOVED how she did what we’ve all been wanting to do Maxine Fortenberry. The Mikaelson clan on the Originals would have totally approved.

Lala/James – James is so going to dump Jessica next week. Loved their scenes together. Nathan has great chemisry with Nelsan.

Sam – I really liked the scene with the Reverand. THAT is the kind of human reflection we need this season. Too bad Lettie Mae had to show up in the scene. It kinda killed it for me.

Willa/Lettie Mae – Still useless.

Humans/Hep V vamps – still annoying, but their presence was marginalized and when they did appear it made an impact on the plot. Step in the right direction.

Sarah Newlin – Still not sure how I feel about her return. The cold open literally left me going ‘wtf am I watching’ and the scene of her bed with the guy was still kinda o.O At least they aren’t wasting too much time getting this going.

Overall, this is a vast improvement on the past two episodes, and is the best since 6 x 9. It’s still problematic, but there were some good high impact moments and it finally feels like the seasion is picking up momentum.

Grade: B-