First off, I’m going to apologize for having been MIA for most of the summer and quite frankly, most likely in the hiatus of this off-season as well. I still love True Blood, but I’ve been shifting my roleplaying efforts off of Twitter. I will definitely be around for the final season live tweets and True Bites for sure, though so do keep an eye out!

That said.

Thoughts on the season we just wrapped up:

Overall I thought the shift from 12 episodes to 10 was a very successful one. Yes, it would be nice to have more True Blood, but I am also a quality over quantity kind of gal. I rather have a 10 episode seasons where I enjoyed almost all than a 12 episode season where a full quarter or even a third bored me. The shortened scheduled forced them to be more thoughtful about secondary storylines and I thought that it was evident in the end result. To explain what I mean, I’m going to compare the two most hated storylines from Season 5 (Ifrit) and Season 6 (Alcide/Rikki vs. Sam/Nicole)

The Ifrit story line had zero backers that I could find. ZERO. Never once I did see a review of a recapper go “I want more of that!” Everyone agreed it not only was a waste of time, but many (including myself) found it also a bit offensive with that whole “Suicide is for Muslims” crap. It also ultimately didn’t really seem to have of an impact on the characters either, the only real fall out being Arlene lying about the fate of Patrick and the fae kids reading Terry’s mind about the whole ordeal. While you can argue that that helped pushed him to the decision he made that lead him to the assisted suicide, I think they could have gotten to that point even without it because Terry was such a damaged character. They made that point as early as his introduction in Season 1 and hammered the point home during the funeral. The TL;DR version of this is: Terry could have still wound up dead by sniper even without Ifrit and this storyline served no purpose

Contrast this to the storyline with Alcide/Rikki and Sam/Nicole. The storyline was definitely problematic, I’m not going to lie. We probably could have avoided the mess with the wolves had Alcide and Martha had just gone calmly over to Sam and been like “Look, this is what Luna would have wanted.” Sam is a good guy and he’s a smart guy. He probably would have turned her over because he knew he was being hunted. But because Alcide had no control over the female wolves, Sam did what I think most decent people would have done and tried to keep Emma away. As for Sam/Nicole…let’s just say that I’m with Janina who was Not a Fan of that development. Regardless there were two major differences between these two story lines. First: it took up a lot less screen time. They did this whole arc in maybe seven episodes or so and of those seven episodes there were at least two or three where they barely touched on it at all.  So while we complained about it, it didn’t feel like it dominated the story the way that Ifrit sometimes did. Secondly: they actually had a purpose to this. Alcide gave up on the wolves. He is back to being a lone wolf. Sam knocked up Nicole. This is progression (for better or for worse) for both of these characters and both of those things will be used going forward into the last season. In other words: we didn’t care for it, but it wasn’t entirely wasted screen time either. And because of this, it was ultimately the more watchable for it. It wasn’t a great storyline and I don’t know that I could even say it was a good storyline, but it was decidedly less awful than Ifrit and not nearly as irritating. Imagine what they might have done had the extra time! This was the most consistent season that the show has had in some time, and I do think the shortened season can be credited with helping create that.

As far as the vampires and the humans, I’ve made my thoughts known on this pretty extensively on True Bites so I’ll just say this: although the funeral storyline might have been more successful if they wrapped it up one episode sooner, “Life Matters” is one of the best  (if not the best) episodes in the show’s history. It was poignant, it was heartfelt, and the contrast they built up between the human storyline and the vampire storyline was fantastic.  I fully believe that an episode that strong can only come from a strong season because you needed the time to get all of the elements into place. Also; Bill killing Burrell will never not be epic; Sarah Newlin was one scary bitch and I loved Violet and look forward to her return next year.

Overall, season six may end up being my favorite season when all is said and done.

And because no review of season six can be complete without touching on the whole Eric thing, I will say this: I wish the producers had stuck to their guns and not included Eric in the finale. Even before Buckner basically admitted that his scene was tacked on at the last second it felt like it had been tacked on. If you take away that scene, the episode was actually pretty strong and did a good job of setting things for next season. The time jump was needed, but again the Eric thing only enhanced just how awkward that whole thing felt. As for his fate next season I’ll discuss in my season seven post which will be tomorrow.

Until then, Trubies!