[Author’s Note: This is a retelling of the RP between Bill and Scarlett that lead to Belle being created as a full-fledged OC in her own right. So if this seems familiar, that might be why :)]

She glanced around the ballroom trying to contain her nerves. There was music, but she heard nothing. There was food, but it all tasted as bland as the teething biscuits Tristan used to eat. She could hear her heartbeat pounding in her chest.

The Master was on stage once more. There was a new girl tonight. She wondered if she would let him fuck her, just as she hadn’t those few months ago of her first party. Replaying the events of previous parties she still couldn’t decide whether that choice had been the right one or not. She still didn’t find him attractive, but the last time she was here she’d had vanilla sex with the lightest of spankings and it just hadn’t satisfied in the same way.

She wondered if anyone here could. But if she herself still wasn’t quite sure about what had made that first night such a rush would anyone else be able to help her out?

The Master began to speak. She recognized the words from her own initiation. It didn’t surprise her that it was some kind of ritual. It helped increase the spectacle of it all.

The crop began to fall against and she shivered as the crack of leather on skin filled the room. She bit her lip as the crop continued to fall. It would be a total of ten. So lost was she in the rhythms of the ceremony that she almost didn’t realize she was being asked a question.

“You were you were her, don’t you? Let us help you forget all about her.”

She turned and faced a pair who wore unfamiliar masks. They stood with a confidence and assurance that she could not say was common in this room. These were people that she knew she could not ignore and she felt herself flushing at their attention.

“I do,” she said honestly. She didn’t want to ruin what might be her one chance of finding out what she really needed. She struggled to find the words that she thought would be right. “I like to be punished…I tend to misbehave.” She tried not to wince at how forced that sounded.

“Is that why you won’t speak above a whisper? Are you afraid someone is going to punish you for misbehaving?” The woman, who seemed close to her own age, was speaking to her now. She had never considered lying with a woman before. But this was different. She knew it and she nodded.

The woman moved closer, deliberately invading her personal space and started to play with her hair. Her mind told her feet to move, but they refused to obey. Instead, she became hyper-aware as the fingers started walking down her body from her hair to her shoulder blades. She felt like a mouse caught between a pair of lions.

“What ever should we do with her Bill?”

She heard the pair talking, but again the words weren’t making any sense. She knew she was being claimed for the night and that she would go along with it. Her heart hadn’t quickened this much since she’d been on stage, on this felt more intense, more real. And as she began to accept it, words became coherent once more.

“… you exist to be punished because it would please us.”

She swallowed, trying to find a way to agree but it seems he needed no such agreement, because the next thing she knew she felt his colds hands upon her flushing hot face.

“Luckily for you, it would please us greatly to see you writhe and moan as we paint your skin with stripes of the tawse. I want to see you dance against your bonds as you try and escape its bite.”

She did not know what exactly a tawse was except that it was going to hurt. And as his words teased her with their promises she felt a heat ignite inside of her and she realized she did not care.

“You will follow,” he ordered and soon she found herself being pulled along by her dress, the grip seemingly not tight yet she knew she could not pull free and so she fell into line behind the ones that had chosen her for the evening. Without their caresses her mind began to work again. It took in the way the crowds parted. It took in the sight of the toys on the wall. Her mind implored her to flee, to take the out.

She couldn’t. Not when she finally started to recapture those feelings she’d fought so hard to feel in the first place. She was taken to a place near some kind of device that was set up along one edge of the ballroom that rarely seemed to get used. She knew enough that she began to strip, letting her dress fall to the floor. Her woefully unadorned bra and underwear went next. By the time she’d fully stripped herself of everything but her mask, this Mistress was pointing at a spot on the floor.

She knelt.

She took a moment to search the room. The smells and sounds of sex were already beginning to fill it, but she was surprised to find a curious crowd beginning to gather. It seemed to be mostly made up of the ones who had parted for their group to pass, but that was enough to start attracting the attention of others.

Mistress spoke again and scrambled to take all fours as bidden. Any questions of why were quickly quashed when she felt Mistress sit upon her. It’d startled her, but thankfully she hadn’t embarrassed herself by even threatening to drop her.

Master’s hand started caressing her, like he’d pet a beloved animal and she began to pay attention to his words once more.

“I think you need a name, my dear.” His eyes felt locked onto as he circled them. “Slut and its derivatives are so cliché, so trite, don’t you think?” He paused. “Let’s call you Belle, after a cat I once owned.”

Belle. Beautiful. She flushed. She liked it better than her own name already, even if it was meant to be a pet name. It implied more affection than she’s felt in ages. Then she realized that Mistress was speaking again.

“The clamps? The Muzzle? Or the paddles?”

She shivered at the possibilities, excited and nervous all the same. She felt an excitement, and energy inside beginning to wake. She was ready to start, and when Mistress stood up, she knew they were too. She eagerly headed towards the bolts in the wall, allowing herself to be tied up. She felt herself being lifted, just a hint. It was another reminder of her complete lack of control over the situation. She didn’t mind.

She watched in anticipation as Mistress removed his jacket. He may not have had the body that some of the other men in the room had, but he had the air of a man who was used to people doing what he wanted. That, she quickly decided as she watched him disappear behind her, was sexier than any of the wash-board abs that many of the men here was sporting.

 “An artist must always properly prepare their canvas before they can make art. Though quite lovely, such pale skin is simply unsuitable for my lovely companions work.”

She readied herself as best as she could for the blow she was sure she was about to receive, but nothing could have prepared her as the first landed causing her to squeak.

He definitely hit harder than their host ever did.

She liked it.

She liked it even as the blows continued to rain down harder and harder, as her squeaks became louder and turned to moans as she felt the head spread throughout her ass and down between her legs and up to her nipples which were hard and begging for attention. And just as she was beginning to forget everything else, he stopped and she whimpered in protest even as her body was grateful for a chance to regain its breath.

Master and Mistress were talking again.

“…you charmer.” Scarlett hissed thoroughly enjoying his warm up. “It’s as if you made her body blush.” Mistress came over to her and started to play with her, sending goose bumps up and down her spine as her excited flesh demanded more. “You handled that well… Did you enjoy it?”

She nodded and instantly realized her mistake when she saw anger in Mistress’ eyes. But Mistress spoke before she could apologize.

“I don’t speak in head gestures dog. I asked you if you enjoyed your Master’s affections…” Mistress sneered as moved to the table where she know Master had gotten his toy. She shivered in anticipation at what was to come.

“I enjoyed it very much, Mistress.” It was the truth. And that truth was a revelation. She wanted more. The shiver was more than just fear over an angry Mistress.

“Do you think you’ll enjoy our time together?” Mistress asked while carrying a paddle with holes in it.

She was confused as to how that paddle would be different than the one Master had just used, but knew she would get her answer shortly. “Yes, Mistress. I’ll enjoy anything you give me.”

That seemed to please her.

“I like that attitude dog… Are you ready?”

There was no time to answer before the paddle came crashing down on her thighs. That was definitely harder than the other paddle. She whimpered as the blows continued to come, some on fresh skin, and others over the skin that Master had already reddened. This time, Mistress was at it long enough that her world did narrow to the blows Mistress was delivering. In fact, she got so caught up that a cutting pain against her stomach brought her back to reality.

“Mistress!” She cried out, not enjoying this as much as she had the paddle. It was only by opening her eyes that she realized that Mistress had switched to a whip.

She tensed for another blow that did not come. Instead, Master walked over and slid two fingers into her. She was so ready for his touch that she keened loudly when he took them back out again almost as quickly.

“See? Wetter than a summer’s day.”

She would have blushed had she had enough coherent thought left to be embarrassed. All she knew now was that she desperately wanted those fingers back inside her, she wanted to be fucked. She wanted to come. And she would take more of those blows by Mistress if that was going to take to get what her body was demanding of her.

And then he slid the fingers back inside her. Three this time. Her body grabbed them for all they were worth, begging with her body for him to fuck him because she her need was at that primal of a level.

“Did you want more?” he asked.

“Yes Master. Please Master.” She began twisting in her bonds trying to get them to go deeper, to play with her, to do anything other than sit still and drive her to absolute distraction.

“I will take you when Mistress is done playing with you.”

She keened loudly, wanting it now, but utterly unable to stop him from withdrawing his fingers, leaving her empty and wanting.

“But for now let’s play a little game, shall we?”

She wearily watched Master disappear into the crowd and grab one of the voyeurs, an older woman with silvery hair.

“You will use her mouth and tease her while we continue to play. If she comes before we allow it, you will both be punished. If she is strong enough to resist your temptation than we will use you the next time around. Understand?”

She felt a surge of jealously flare up in her stomach. Even though he’d left her achingly wet the thought of not getting to play again was just not acceptable. She was determined to win. And she really, really, wanted to come.

The woman’s tongue began its work and Belle’s mind and body began to war with each other. Her mind was trying to make heads or tails of the fact that this woman was tasting her. Her body wanted her brain to shut up because it was clear the woman had done this before and after a twist of the tongue she gasped loudly as it was blatantly obvious that Justin needed to take lessons because she never knew that oral could be this amazing.

And all the back and forth was temporarily halted when Mistress slid some kind of necklace on her before yanking it, temporarily making it impossible to breath. She whimpered and struggled in her bonds before Mistress let the line slack and once more the sensations from the other woman began to overwhelm her.

Then she felt another blow across her back. And another. And another. It felt different than the paddles or the single tail whip. She liked it. It was pushing her closer and closer and then.


Her whimpered as she was left hanging, even more on the edge than before.

“Take her,” she heard Master say to Mistress and then he slid into her and even as she mewled loudly in her pleasure she felt him bite her and the pain mixed with the pleasure as he took her hard and she knew she wasn’t going to be able to last but still didn’t want to give in before she was allowed and then he growled the magic word in her ear and she came almost instantly, the pleasure overtaking her entire self as she wailed in relief.

It was exhilarating and liberating. And it was exhausting.

And she let herself lie in his arms as he gently let her down. He smiled at her gently as he caught her eyes and said what she thought were reassuring words, though if you asked her later she wouldn’t be sure.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yes, Master,” she said as she smiled tiredly, but contently. She ached all over, and for now at least, it was a good kind of ache.

“Go thank your Mistress. You owe her equally.”

Wordlessly she walked over to Mistress, who seemed to have given the other woman as much pleasure as she had received, if the stupid smile on her face was anything to go by.

She fell to her knees.

“Thank you Mistress.”

“You’re welcome Belle. You handled yourself better than I thought you would,”  she replied in approval. “Take a mint bath. It will soothe the more painful welts.”

“Thank you for the advice, Mistress. I will be sure to heed it.” The words were not hollow. As she began to come down from her endorphin rush, her body was quickly beginning to remind her of how much she let herself be put through this evening.

She pushed up off the ground and went to gather her clothes. By the time she’d managed to dress herself, Master and Mistress had already disappeared, causing her to frown.

Technically, they were to all remain anonymous. She knew, however, that didn’t always remain the case. And from that moment she knew that she wanted to be one of the exceptions to the rule. She knew now that she would seek this party out again, in hopes of finding them once more, in hopes of them making her feel as alive as she had this evening.

The other woman who had been brought into their play came up to her, startling her out of her revelrie.

“Lucky girl.”

Sarah blushed and stammered an apology for not noticing her sooner.

The woman waved a dismissive hand. “There’s nothing to apologize for. Dominants like them – the real good ones are a truly a rare find. I don’t blame you for wanting more.”

Sarah felt herself being turned away from the door. “I know where Mark keeps a stash of Gatorade for couples who chose to really play.”

“Mark?” she asked. The name sounded familiar, but she couldn’t place where.

“Our host,” she said reassuringly. “I’ve known him forever.”

“Oh!” Sarah laughed. It was weird to hear him being referred by his given name, but it didn’t seem right to call him The Master anymore. Not after tonight. And, she suspected that her newfound companion felt the same way. She still didn’t know this woman’s name or why it was so important for her to have some Gatorade, but it felt right to allow herself to be guided. She wasn’t about to discard the hard-earned lesson of doing what feels right, even if it may seem overwhelming.

“Okay then,” she said with a smile. “Lead the way.”