Prompt Table – Cantina

She hadn’t known that Shreveport had a cantina. She doesn’t know why this fact surprised her really; Mexican food had certainly taken on an increased popularity ever where, even here in the Deep South where some might consider it heresy to claim you prefer it over local fare. But still. There was a cantina, and it was decked in the finest touristy knick-knacks the owner could find.

It also had an amazing selection of tequila, some of the best in Louisiana, so the décor could be tolerated. The food was nothing to sneeze at either, the chef some hot and new up and comer who remained humble and had already gone on the record as stating that he had no desire to move to New York or Miami or Los Angeles, but that he wanted to stay put in his home town.

She didn’t normally pay attention to such things.

Unfortunately, her ex did. He did to the point where he’d restaurant hop driving throughout the state to try the next great restaurant. He preferred the upscale joints of course, but she also knew of his secret addiction to that annoying Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. If she’d looked closer, she’d found a little placard tucked away behind the hostess stand proclaiming the fact that in fact, they had been featured on the show. It was her glancing around taking in the ambience of the whole scene while she waited for Violet to return from the restroom that she’d spotted him entering with that Sofia Vergara-wannabe.

“Should have gone to a better plastic surgeon,” she muttered as Violet appeared, seemingly out of no where.

“What was that?”

She nodded in his direction.

Violet’s eyes widened. “Is that?”

“Yep,” she said with a heavy sigh.

And, as her luck would have it, it seemed that the sigh traveled across the restaurant because just then his eyes locked with hers. And he looked happy to see her.

“Fuck me,” she said. “I don’t want to see him tonight!” she said, sounding a bit petulant. Maybe Tristan was rubbing off on her. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d actually whined.

Violet pushed a fresh shot glass and a bowl of limes over.

“For courage,” she encouraged.

Sarah flashed a smile, grateful for her support. And to be honest, it was quite tempting, but she wanted to keep her wits about her, just in case.

“Maybe after, in celebration,” she replied.

She turned back to where she had spotted him and he was gone. He must have been seated. She shrugged and turned her conversation and tried to put him out of her mind.


Another three drinks – one margarita on the rocks for her, and a couple of shots for Violet later and she was ready to move on to somewhere else, lest she push her luck.

They should have left a shot earlier, because he was the one to deliver the check.

“It’s been taken care of,” he said as he set the bill on the table. “You ladies have quiet the taste in tequila.”

She smiled politely. “Justin,” she said as politely as she could muster. “You needn’t have. Violet and I are more than capable of handling our check ourselves.”

“Can’t a man do something nice for the woman he loves?”

“So shouldn’t you be taking care of your own check?” she said pleasantly.

“She’s not feeling threatened,” he said defensively.

“Why would she be?” Sarah replied. “I don’t need you nor want you back,” she said.

And it was the truth. And it felt glorious to say. Before the party, before Bill, some part of that might have rang hollow. But now, though, she knew the words to be as true as her love for her son. Her time with Bill had introduced her to multitudes of vampire royalty, human politicians and even celebrities and even gave her new inroads to social circles that had brushed her off even during her marriage to Justin. Like everything else, some of these connections were as shallow as the gene pool that Justin’s wife had come from, but other budding friendships, and most of all, the attention from Bill had shown her she was deserving of better.

She relished it.

Okay. She might have felt bad for the brief glimpse of hurt on Justin’s face. He wasn’t used to getting rejected. She was still human.

“You know your mom has called me on multiple times trying to get me to talk some sense into you.”

She stiffened, and felt Violet’s hand take her wrist. She exhaled again.

“And what did you say?”

He suddenly looked away and mumbled. “I thought he’d get tired of you.”

Like he did. Good to know things hadn’t changed much.

She smiled politely, choosing to not let him see how much his words irritated her. “Clearly he hasn’t. In fact, he ignited something in me that you never could. Not that you’d ever tried.” She stood up, pulling out a few twenties of her own and throwing them on the table. Justin was a lousy tipper. 

“Come on Violet. Let’s let Justin get back to his wife. If looks were daggers I think Justin would be long past dead now.”

And it were true.

Her grin grew wider still. She never had that effect on another woman before. It felt amazing.

She pushed Justin out of her way and dragged Violet behind her. She waited until they were in the parking lot to let out a shriek of joy.

“Oh my god Violet! Did I just do that?”

Violet grinned back, possibly as wide as her own. “You did. We should celebrate.”

She couldn’t wait to tell Bill about tonight. She felt like this was an important milestone for her and he deserved to share in it.

But that could wait.

Right now, she needed to dance.