@Scarlett_Area5 “That’s quite all right. I have a procurer. I think I’ll stick to using him and True Blood for the time being. I spent the year before I became King living almost solely on True Blood, I can incorporate more into my diet for the time being if needed.” He checked his watch. “You’re right. I should get back to the phones. Don’t want to keep the humans up too late.”

He made his exit and retreated to his office. Although he did have calls to make, he found himself distracted. He couldn’t hear what Scarlett was up to – the room was soundproofed for a reason – but he still had a pretty good idea.

“That is not surprising. Is it still more or less in one piece? I need to tell the clean up crew what to bring with them.” As he waited for her answer, he offered her a seat. “And I suppose the next step is negotiating your contract.”