@Scarlett_Area5 The smell of cooking flesh might have been imperceptible to humans, but there was little doubt in his mind that they were going to have to lay off the girl, lest they kill her too quickly. Truth be told, he did not have the stomach for this kind of work, at least least not against humans. It was why he was glad Scarlett was around.

“Mortal enemies?” he asked shrugging. “None that I know of off the top of my head.” He walked around the stand, eying the woman as if he was considering their next steps. “Though perhaps Sophie-Anne had a stronger ally in the region than I thought. Anything is possible.”

He made a face.
“I do so hate it when a vampire needlessly brings mortals into our politics. This woman here is dying a very slow, quite awful death – and lets not be mistaken my dear, odds do not favor your presence in this world much longer – and what purpose did her death serve? Ruining your dinner? Seems…such a waste.” He sighed heavily. “And not a very efficient way to deliver a message. But before I promise that I will avenge your death with some minion of your mistress, I have to figure out who that is, because it may not be wise for me to do so. I’m sure you’d understand.”

He looked at Scarlett. “I’m not sure how much more she will know, but we still have a few hours left to try.”