@Scarlett_Area5 Bill watched the girl get tasered passively. Although still very aware of the acts going on around him, his mind felt far off. She had been right, this event marked all the tells of being carefully planned. But the question was who could be behind such an act? He’d hand picked all the Sheriff’s that now helped him to govern; they were all vampires that he’d known personally or whom Eric had been able to vouch for. And he’d vetted them and then used the resources the Authority provided to vet them a second time and none had come up with any real ties to politics other than the sporadic low-level job. It just felt unlikely to be any one of them, though he supposed it was possible.

No, a messenger from an outside Kingdom seemed more likely. He was young, he knew this. Some might even see him as too young, that he should have never been given the crown in the first place. He himself knew that it’d likely take at least a solid century on the throne before some would begin to bore of watching him. Until then, he was still seen as vulnerable.But which throne was after his? He’d have to look into the donor service, find out the connections of the vampires that ran it. If he were lucky, the faux-donor would make that search quicker.

“We’re going to play twenty questions,” he finally said as Scarlett left the room. “Nod if the answer is yes, shake your head if the answer is no.”

He placed the taser on her skin.

“Were you waiting for this assignment to occur?”

She did not move.

“I’ll ask once more,” he said before pulling the trigger. “Have you waited more than one night to be given this task?”

She nodded.

“See how that works? Answer as freely as you can within the binds of your glamour and I will not shock you. Hesitate and I will. Let’s try this again.

“Were you given this task by a vampire?”

She nodded.

“If present a picture of the vampire who asked this of you, could you identify him?”

She hesitated. He shocked her.

Another scream and she nodded furiously.

“Good. We’re starting to get somewhere.”