Her feet crunched on the gravel as her stomach growled. Okay. Maybe her Master was right that she needed to it.


It didn’t mean he needed to send her out with this damn egg inside her. But then she’d had it in her since she’d walked through the door. He loved torturing her, even if only by something as simple as this.


She bit her lip and bit back a moan as she grabbed the door. She took a deep breath and opened it and entered the noisy bar. Act normal. Act normal. Act norm….oh damn there was his ex. She recognized the ponytail as it swished by.


She smiled brightly. It wouldn’t do for her to be anything other than be as polite as she could possibly be.


She walked up to the counter, ignoring the eyes she could feel on her. He’d warned her they’d be curious. Too bad they weren’t subtle about their curiosity.


“Can I help you?” a fake-cheery fake-red head asked her. She could feel herself being judged. She wasn’t sure whether or not she passed.


“Hi, I was just picking up some take-out? I called about 15 minutes ago? Name is Sarah Jane.”

She’d meant to leave sooner, but got caught on a phone call.


“Oh right! You do not know how happy you made Lafayette by ordering an actual salad.” She leaned forward, as if confiding a secret “It never happens around here.”


She smiled, awkwardly. “I’m glad?”


“You wait right here and I’ll go check it for you.”




She turned and surveyed the crowds that filled the diner-slash-bar. Sookie had been serving another table and hadn’t seen her. At least until that moment.


“Sarah!” She exclaimed. “Fancy seeing you here!”


“Bill made me take a break. He said my growling stomach was distracting him.” She laughed, mainly out of nerves and to break the tension.


There was an awkward silence as she shifted her weight to move those tease of a toy. Her Master was cruel, making her face his ex like that.


“Why did you let Bill put you on display in Fangtasia like that?”


So his ex was rather bold. Bolder than her. Or maybe ruder. She wasn’t sure where the line was drawn on this kind of thing.


She shrugged. “He wanted me to.” She couldn’t fight back a smile “he was showing me off. It was a good night.” And a fun night. Mistress had joined her and Pam not long after they’d gone downstairs. Not that she would share that.

“But why would you let him” there was disgust in her voice. “Why would you let any guy do that to you?”


“You never played with him?” she asked. Even as she did, she knew it was a stupid question. Sookie’s tone told her that.


“No. Why would I?”


“Because it’s fun? Because it feels absolutely amazing? Because when He’s proud of you it helps give you a buzz like nothing else?” She was now beaming as thoughts of the past few months filled her head. “Because when he focuses his attention on you it’s like there’s no one else out there. Because when I go out to events with him, I can sense that all these other women wish they were me.”


From the look Sookie was giving her, she clearly wasn’t getting it. Her loss.


She felt her egg start to vibrate as the red-head returned. She bit her lip.


“It’s been lovely talking to you, but I need to get going. I don’t want to keep him waiting.” She’d already gotten a spanking before she left because she wasn’t taking proper care of herself. She didn’t want to get another because she couldn’t control herself. She turned back to the other server.


“How much do I owe you?”


“It’ll be $8.46”


She smiled as she handed over a $10 bill. “Keep the change.” She had hoped her voice had remained steady, but she wasn’t sure she’d managed that by the looks they were both giving her. She grabbed the bag of food and with a little wave she headed out the door.


The only reason she didn’t run to her car was that she was afraid she’d trip in her heels on the uneven parking lot. Still, she might have set some kind of speed record for her as she sat down in the drivers seat, taking deep breaths as she rode the vibrations out. She almost didn’t even notice how sore her ass was.




And then, just as quickly as it had began, it stopped. She groaned, out of frustration, and if she was honest with herself, with disappointment.


While it was quiet though, she turned the car on, pulled out of the lot and headed back towards Master’s home. She had dinner to eat. And maybe, if she was a good girl, Master would give her dessert afterwards.