Note: You should read The Bible With Fangs first, else this won’t make much sense.

The shower was obviously running as she let herself into Stefan’s room.

Needing to talk to him, she looked around for something to entertain herself with. Sadly, there were none of his diaries around. They were always good for a laugh.

No diaries, but she did find a funny-looking Bible.

She’d seen plenty of them in her time, of course, but she couldn’t honestly said she’d ever flipped through one ever since the so-called “wicked” bible had been published. People had been rather disappointed when they were collected to be burned.

She flipped through the pages and started to read aloud.

“And their flesh shall nourish yours;

Their blood shall flow within you;

For as the beetle nourishes the lark

So shall human nourish vampire.”

She laughed. “What nonsense is this.”

The bathroom door opened.

“What are you doing here Rebekah. And put that thing down. I keep meaning to throw it out and it somehow keeps turning up.”

“What are you talking about? Why would you throw away such an old book? They have good value.”

“I think it’s cursed. Read it once and it gave me some kind of messed vision and tried to guilt trip about not drinking human blood.”

“Sounds like fun. If you don’t want, I’ll take it. Elijah has a library and I bet he doesn’t have this.”

“Whatever. Sure. Why are you here?”

Talk switched to her plan to find the Cure and the book, temporarily at least, slipped her mind.

* * *

She was home.

The village where she’d spent the last few years of her human life.

The village where she first sank her fangs into human flesh and drank the nourishing blood.

And she heard her mother’s cries.

She remembered this moment. Her mother’s horror at what she had done. At how her deal with the spirits had gone so wrong.

“Why was she crying?”

Rebekah spun on her hair. A woman, clad only in her hair was staring at her sobbing mother the way a child might study an insect. “God answered her prayers, delivered her the salvation she sought for her children, for we are God’s true children. Those should have been tears of joy.”

“Who are you?” Rebekah demanded.

“I am Lilith. My blood is why you now walk the earth. Your mother sought your salvation and I answered her prayers and my thanks were tears and her quest to destroy you.”

She sniffed.

“I am eternal. For as long as at least one vampire walks the earth I can never be truly vanquished.”

“Why am I here?”

“You want to give it all up.” The woman walked towards Esther. “I can’t have that.”

A horrible crack as Esther’s neck snapped and she slid to the ground in a heap.

She gasped.

“Why did you do that?”

“Her ideas have poisoned you. You are better off without her.”

“What ideas? She’s been trying to kill me!”

“That you should go back to being human. That you would somehow be better off for being mortal once more. It’s nonsense of course. The weakness will seep into your flesh and your loneliness will remain. The only difference is that you’ll be unable to hurt back the ones that hurt you.”

“You’re wrong,” she said, “I’ll be able to start fresh once I am mortal. I’ll be able to start fresh once I am away from my thirst for blood that has kept me from living a normal life!”

“And what makes you think it is my blood that has made you incapable of finding your happiness?

You could find another vampire to settle with. Make your own little happy home. I should introduce you to William.” Lilith walked away Esther’s corpse. “The only one who has stopped you from forming attachments is yourself. It’s not the answer that you want to hear, of course, but it is the truth.”

“Lies! Had I remained human, I would have married, had a family of my own. A family that loved me and didn’t try to use me the way Nik has!”

“And what makes you so sure? Like all women of your day you would have been seen as a brood mare, whose only destiny was to produce a healthy son, married to a man with enough livestock to be seen as rich. If you were lucky it might have not been loveless. And you probably would have died in childbirth regardless. So much you would have missed out on had you stayed human. So much more you will miss out on if you find your so-called cure.”

Lilith smiled at her, but it was ice cold. “If you insist on being foolish I will not stop you, but know this. Turn your back on me and you can never go back. My blood will reject you as you have rejected me. Try to turn a second time and you will wish that the Spirits had gotten to you first.”

Rebekah smiled through gritted teeth. “Duly noted.”

Lilith opened her mouth to respond, but there was only a loud buzzing.

Opening sleep weary eyes she saw a text message indicator.

It was from Elijah. And it was only three words.

“Esther is dead.”