She knelt on the ottomon.


Her thighs were held wide open by a spreader bar, her bent legs further immobilized by coils of royal purple tying upper to lower. Her arms were folded and bound behind her back. She was vaguely aware of the rope holding her upright. Her gaze was forced straight ahead by a posture collar. The ache of her bondage was balanced by the dull throb of her nipples ached under the clips that were biting on the sensitive flesh.


It would have been too much if it weren’t for the vibrator that was hell bent on driving her to distraction. Off. On. Fast. Slow. Slower. Fastest. Slow. Always pushing her to the edge but always stopping just shy of any satisfaction.


She didn’t know how long she had been kneeling there as Bill had worked around her. She’d heard the clicking of the keyboard and the buzzing of the fax machine. She heard him answering the phone but couldn’t make out any of the words being said, she was so lost in her own world.


She only knew her Master’s presence with the occasional smack from a crop that urged her straighten her back.


It was agony.


It was exactly what she wanted.


The door opened. She had trouble focusing, but whoever that it was, it wasn’t a guard.


She whimpered. Her Master hadn’t said anything about visitors and she had never been this exposed since the party. If anything, she felt even more exposed because she didn’t have her mask to hide behind.


Smack. “Now, now, Belle. That’s now how we greet our guest.”


She squealed and tried to get out a “good evening” but if the laughter was anything to go by, she didn’t think it that successful.


“So this is the infamous Belle,” the voice said.


“You approve, Eric?” her Master asked.


“I have come to appreciate that you have a fine eye,” this Eric said. “She is exquisite.”


She yelped as her vision was blocked and her nipple cruelly twisted.


“You’ll have to give me the address of that party so I can find one of my own.”


“You don’t have the patience to keep one.”


She heard her Master’s chair roll along the floor before his rough fingers found her clit. She bucked as much as her bonds would allow.


“They’re like instruments. Keep them wound just tight enough to make them sing.

She heard her moans grow louder and more desperate, keens that that were wordless begging.


“I think she’s about to break under the tension,” Eric remarked idly.


His finger move just so as the vibrator kicked onto its highest speed and despite herself she finally came with a hoarse cry, sobbing as she finally got the release she’d been denied for so long.


There were tsking noises. She didn’t know who was making them. She didn’t care either.


“In fact, she just did.”


“And normally I’d be quite disappointed,” Fingers fished into her sensitive pussy and pulled out the vibrator. She could only moan weakly as she felt like she was moments from falling over. “But she lasted well over an hour.” The same fingers stroked her like a beloved pet. “I am proud.”


She smiled and muttered a sleepy thank you. She was sure it was as coherent as her greeting.


“As you know, Eric, she has started attending events with me.” Some noise in the background and she felt her arms being lowered.


“So I’ve seen. She’s making quite the buzz.”


Ropes began to fall and her arms screamed with the pain of pins and needles as blood came rushing back into the limbs.


“She looks pretty. But she could be stunning. And that’s where your progeny come in.”


Her collar came off. Then the clamps. Another fresh wave of pain and another moan.


“I want Pam and Scarlett to take her shopping. Keep her appropriate but better show off the beauty she has been graced with.


The ropes on her legs were next. Then the spreader bar came off. Shaking, her legs finally gave out and she fell forward, but was easily caught, and carefully rearranged in the center of the ottomon. Her eyes felt heavy.


“Scarlett would be thrilled to be reunited with this one, I’m sure.” His hand trailed her sweat-soaked back.


She made a noise of approval. She’d seen her Mistress when she’d been running errands for Master but they hadn’t played since that night.


“I’m sure she would be happy to share if you asked nicely.”


She didn’t know what to think. She was too tired to think. Her Master’s voice dropped and started speaking soothingly in her ear as he loosened her gag.


“Sleep my pet. The Sheriff and I have business to discuss.”

She nodded and curled up as much as her achy limbs would allow, their low voices lulling herself to sleep, a tired smile on her face.