He was glad to see Scarlett taken with their new toy, and he also knew that he’s need to let her feed soon. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to control the blood lust, and she was still much younger than he. It was time for the finale.

Picking up a tawse, he began swatting at Belle, timing the blows so that between his actions, Scarlett’s blows on the other woman and Belle’s own lust there was barely a second of silence.

After a solid dozen blows, he deemed it time.

“Take her,” he demanded of Scarlett.” When the pair was out of the way, he undid his pants, revealing just how pleased he was with Belle’s performance.

Moving behind her, he slid up behind her and slid into her, slow but steady, savoring her warmth and tightness. He bit down on her neck, knowing her gasp would be easily misinterpreted in light of the last several minutes of activity.

She was as delicious as he’d hoped.