“But you do like to break your toys,” he grinned at her. “and as the designated good cop for the evening, I insist we save it for another evening.” He deliberately paused. “only when she has proven that she is worthy of us devoting that much time and attention to her.

He admired Belle as she crawl – no, scampered – towards the the wall as ordered. He was quick to secure her – hands and legs spread wide, wide enough for her to just barely keep her feet flat on the wall. Nothing fancy, this wasn’t the night for it.

Once his jacket had been removed, he went one step further and took off his shirt as well. It would be easier to work and he better blended with the crowd of now half-dressed crowd. Now ready, he studied the wall and selected a leather paddle and twirled it in his hand.

“An artist must always properly prepare their canvas before they can make art. Though quite lovely, such pale skin is simply unsuitable for my lovely companions work.” He begins to thoroughly and methodically reddening her skin, leaving the girl no time to catch her breath. There would be time to make her wait and guess when Scarlett started her own work.

After twenty strong-swats he took a step back.

“What do you think?” he asked Scarlett idly. “That better?”