He watched as their plaything began to whimper as she realized that she was in over her head. But even as he picked up that fear, there was still that hint of curiosity, that desire to still see it through. She wanted to prove to herself that she could do that. He admired it about the human, and gently ran his hand down the free space on her ass once Scarlett had turned her into a lovely settee.

“Now, now, my dear. We do have to remember that these things can break so easy. Do try and be careful, would you?” Though his tone was light, his warning was genuine. She needed to be able to leave bruised and striped, if she left uninjured it might raise too many questions. “And besides, I bet even if we inspected every other submissive here I doubt we would find one that will prove to be so satisfying.”

He felt the woman sigh softly beneath his hand, confirming that there was a genuine submissive lurking beneath the skin.

“I think you need a name, my dear.” He circled the pair. “Slut and its derivatives are so cliche, so trite, don’t you think?” He felt more eyes upon them. Curiosity was starting to overtake the humans as round one had seemed to end and the males were gathering their strength. “Let’s call you Belle, just like a cat I once owned.”

He took a step back and circled the pair. “Don’t muzzle my little Belle. She has a pretty voice. I want to hear her cry out when we start to play. Too bad we can’t find little bells for those clamps. They would have been fitting. But I’m sure that we can make what we have work.”

He offered Scarlett a hand.

“We have a crowd gathering my dear and I would hate to keep them waiting. Let’s get our pet strapped up and get properly warmed up. I think she could use some color.”