“This guy is a joke,” he murmured back, though the smell of lust is thickening and it is clear that the crowds are clearly buying into it. He couldn’t necessarily blame them. This guy gave them the excuse they needed to participate free of guilt, to forget the societal norms that would normally frown upon such behavior. “But you heard the man and it would be rude of us to disobey our host, wouldn’t it?” he agreed as he followed Scarlett through the crowds.

The woman, maybe mid-twenties if she was a day, looked on wistfully. He suspected she was the last one brought into the fold.

“You wish you were here, don’t you?” he asked as Bill flanked her on one side and motioned to Scarlett to take the other. “Let us help you forget all about her.” His eyes searched for Scarlett as his fangs dropped. This one was almost irresistible.