Just a silly little drabble for your Friday Evening. Also. You know this is totally how it would go down.

The body landed on the floor with a thud.

Bill turned away from his computer screen, leaning forward to see what caused the disturbance.

“Was that necessary, Eric?”

“Which part?”

“Bringing the body back. I figure you have a good reason for killing Mr. Salvatore.”

“He kept hitting on Sookie.”

Bill sighed as he moved around the desk and kicked the body, as if making sure it was really true-death dead. He supposed the veins were a sign of that.

“Sookie was getting ready to yell at us for killing him, but seemed more surprised she wasn’t covered in blood.”

“I’ll have a chat with her.”

“She also said that since she didn’t kill him, she wasn’t going to bury him.”

Bill smiled and returned to his desk.

“Good work, Eric, and tell the guards to dispose of this on the way out.”

Eric nodded and left the room.