I am the OG baby vamp, got that?

It ain’t easy being a baby vamp is it, especially when you’re no longer the newest baby vamp on the block. Jessica has always been one of my favorite characters, and I think she’s one of the few female characters that generally had better development character wise than the rest. She’s Alan Ball’s baby and it showed. Unfortunately, like a lot of the main vampires this season, her development petered out and she ultimately do much of anything. Aside from dealing with a Lilith-crazed Bill and a bit of baby-vamp bonding and cat-fighting with Steve and Tara, she pretty much spent the entire season dealing with the fall out of her relationship with Hoyt, namely the impact it had on her and Jason. Where-as Hoyt’s story was ultimately well developed, hers wasn’t.

The creators said they wrote Hoyt off the show because they felt his story had come to an end. Jessica was on my kill list towards the end of season 5 because I felt hers was nearing that point and the other baby vamps are more interesting. I am glad that she survived the season, and I hope that now that the Jessica/Hoyt plot is done and Jessica/Jason seems all but dead that she’ll get to be a main part of the fight against Billith instead.

Best Moment – The way she glamoured Hoyt.

Credit where it is due: the baby vamp deserves huge props for the way she handled Hoyt’s painful request. She could have stuck strictly to the letter of it. She could have really damaged him his mind. But no, she was incredibly classy and mature about the entire thing, going above and beyond to help Hoyt start on his new life by giving him a new lease on love. It was a wonderful scene and a great job for the baby vamp.

Worst Moment – The cat fight with Tara in Fangtasia

While the verbal sparring with Newlin was clever, this wasn’t. Yeah, Hoyt can be blamed too for purposefully riling Jessica up, but Jessica didn’t have to take the bait. It’s even worse because it’s hypocritical. It’s okay for her to jump Jason but not for Tara to jump Hoyt? Yeah. She’s still incredibly young (not only as a vamp, but as a human, period) but still. That was just kind of an embarrassing scene all around.