Whether anger or denial motivated him, he looks ridiculous with that guyliner.

When we look back on Season 5 it’s interesting to note that there are two storylines about grief, not one. Whereas Lafayette’s is the more literal one – dealing with the death of Jesus, Hoyt’s was about dealing with the loss of his first love and the betrayal of the man who’d been his best friend for life. If we went back and look, you can find four of the five classic stages of grief within his arc:


–          Denial – his desperate pleading with Jessica in Fangtasia that she really did love him.

–          Anger – the joining with the Obama’s

–          Depression – Mesh-shirted Hoyt getting fed on by the vampire? It was made very clear in the early season that most fangbangers do in fact have some kind of death wish. This was Hoyt at his very lowest.

–          Acceptance – the realization that he needed to leave Bon Temps, that there was nothing left for him here and not only that that if he stayed it’d kill him, not just emotionally but quite possibly physically.

You could make an argument that asking to have his memory wiped of all things related to Jessica and Jason isn’t quite acceptance or that it’s a cop out because he really have to heal fully on his own, but I think that if we were in his shoes, and we had an easy way to forget that a lot of us would be at least tempted to do what Hoyt did, if not go out and demand it like he did.

Although certain parts of the story were hard to watch, at the end it really did come together beautifully and the ending just made so much sense for his character and was so well acted.

For so long I’ve been asking for Hoyt to be killed off because I’d never really felt his storylines had amounted to much of anything. I’m happy to have been proven wrong and I’m happy that he went out the way that he did. The writers definitely did the character justice and I hope that Jessica’s glamour really does work out and he can find the happiness he never really had in Bon Temps in Alaska.

Best Moment – Refusing to kill Jessica

At the point the Obama’s had kidnapped Jessica, Hoyt had been at an all-time low in his life. He was hurt, he was vulnerable and you can see how the hate group had begun to worm its way into him. Although you knew that Hoyt was fundamentally a decent guy, his anger and his hurt were so strong that it didn’t really seem that farfetched that he’d actually do it. So to actually see him not do it was a huge sigh of relief.

Worst Moment- Hoyt asks to have his memory wiped

Although I mentioned above that a lot of us would be tempted to ask for the same, it still the coward’s way out. He was already putting a ton of distance between himself and Jason and Jessica by going to Alaska, he didn’t have to remain in contact with those back home. By having himself glamoured, he loses the pain and healing and growth that can come out of such an incident.