Jason I get vamps aren’t your favorite species right now, but go study the V-teams tapes. They made this look effortless.

It’s not a good sign when the best moment of the season is when your character is tied to chair, naked, listening to a proud “Gay Vampire American” profess his love to him. I’m not saying that this was an awful season for Jason – it just felt kind of like a forgettable season for his character. There were some devastatingly good moments, some awkward moments and a heck of a lot of times where he was just helping push the plot along. Like several of the other characters, I think the best moments of his were quiet moments in the scene – the looking up the dress of the Teddy Bear, the realization that he shouldn’t have slept with the teacher, turning down the sorority chick. Ultimately though, if I asked you to sketch out what his character did over the course of the season, could you?

Best: Jason realizes he’s lost Hoyt

Prior to pulling Hoyt over, Jason had processed the fact that Jessica had glamoured him, but hadn’t really internalized it, like it hadn’t actually sunk in yet. By the time that scene ended though- man the devastation was just done pitch perfectly. The writers gave the actors a great script and Ryan (and the others) absolutely ran with it. It’s one of those scenes that will be right up there with Godric on the rooftop as one of the emotional scenes that has ever gone down.

Worst: Jason’s hallucinations/attitude in “Save Yourself”

Although he’s been heading towards this hatred of vampires all season long, the end point he got to – where he was seeing his parents and they were egging him on – seems just as forced as Bill’s initial conversion to Sanguinista. And just as Lala’s mask was a cheap indication of lack of emotional control, the hallucinations served the same purpose – a way to egg Jason on to that endpoint they wanted to take him without finding another way of going for it. The writers seem to like taking these kind of shortcuts and it’s one of my least favorite aspects of the show.