Yeah. That happy look didn’t seem to last long. Also: so not a newborn.

Thank you True Blood writers, for giving Andy something he has desperately needed for five seasons now: dignity.

Given the nature of Andy’s abuse issues, it’s not a surprise that he’s been scraping near the bottom of the barrel for the better part of the show’s history. While I’m not convinced that he’s going to stay sober it was really great to see Andy winning the battle for once and actually proving that he can be a half-decent cop. The scenes with Holly were nice and I wouldn’t object to seeing more of that next season though considering the litter of half-fae babies that he just picked up it’s probably not going to happen.

Best: Andy figure’s out Bud’s role in the Obamas and saves the day.

Andy has never been a smart character. He’ll never be a smart character, but this was a nice moment of glory for him when he used those skills that he has picked up and really proved his worth as a cop and that just maybe, he actually deserves that spot as Sheriff.

Worst: Andy waives the ticket for the Judges’ son.

It was tired and cliché. It only existed to move the plot forward by getting Andy and Jason to the faery club. Ultimately I just wish they’d found another way to get them there.