It’s official. Lafayette is back, bitches.

As with Terry and Patrick, Season 5 has reminded us Lafayette is such an amazing supporting character: the guy can seriously steal a scene with as little as a single line. The return to form has only reminded how much Jesus “softened” him but honestly I think a lot of fans will be glad to see this Lafayette return.

As for his story, it was necessary but severely flawed.  I don’t think the Jesus stuff amounted to much and I think it didn’t deal enough with the guilt that comes from being at least partially responsible for Jesus’ death.  The stronger part of the season was definitely the last quarter after he got his groove back. I rather take a minute of a scene-stealing Lafayette than seven of a neutered one.

Best moment: Lala gets his grove back.

Right after returning from Mexico and Arlene asks him to play the medium. It was that moment when you could see Lafayette had come to terms with what had happened and the old Lafayette snapped into place. It was great scene, wonderfully played, and you couldn’t even argue with his logic. Well played, sir. Well played.

Worst moment: Revenge of the demon mask

We get it. It was a metaphor for the turmoil of emotions he was feeling blah blah blah. Thing is, Nelsan is probably one of the strongest actors on the show. The writers didn’t need such an overt and ham-fisted way of showing it. Let’s hope the mask stays away, shall we?