Aren’t they sweet? Yeah. Never saw them this way this season. Sucks to be us.

Credit where credit is due: overall this was one of the better interesting storylines and it gave them a relatively smooth way to interact with a good chunk of the cast in a way that didn’t feel forced. Unfortunately there was a major problem with the entire storyline: to quote Darling Sookie, “shifting is the new microwave fingers.” Need to get out of the hospital? Just shift! Need to find out where the Obamas might be? Just shift! Need to get brought to Emma? You guessed it – just shift! While I can’t blame them for using their ability it’s like they can’t do anything without it. I also had some serious concerns about their entry into the Authority. But props where props are due: Rosalyn’s death was seriously one of the more imaginative ways to off someone on that show and they really went for it too. I do wonder if Luna is going to survive her skinwalking, let alone what’s going to happen since they’ve effectively outed shifters on national tv, but I guess those are questions for Season 6

Best Moment: Sam offing Rosalyn

It was a brilliant bout of quick thinking. It was a clever way to keep Luna out of harm’s way. It wasn’t nearly as ridiculous as rolling around on the ground to get the scent of the Obama’s. It was short. It was sweet. It was awesome.

Worst Moment: Sam acting the martyr and claiming to have killed Marcus.

Sorry, but that just didn’t make any sense. Tommy’s act of self-sacrifice made perfect sense. He was a character that grew up in an abusive household. Sam welcomed him in home, gave him a job, showed that he was cared for. And he threw it back in Sam’s face with his selfishness. The self-sacrifice was, in a twisted way, a way to make it back up to Sam and feel like he’s done something valuable. On the other hand, Sam had no such motivation. Luna, by virtue of being Emma’s mother (and Martha’s insisting that Emma would be wolf before she turned the first time) more or less wasn’t in any danger until Sam stepped in and if anyone owed the other it was Alcide who could have saved Tommy’s life by stepping in sooner. So in essence we had a deed with no motivation behind that endangered more than it aided. Pointless and stupid.