Amazing to think that another season of True Blood has already come and gone, hasn’t it? If you’ve been listening to the True Bites podcast you’ll know that although I went into the season with great expectations that my enthusiasm began to wane as the season progressed. Still, that doesn’t mean that this season didn’t have its strengths and weaknesses and I’ve decided to take the opportunity of the Fangover to take a closer look at most of the “regular” cast and discuss how I felt their overall arc went as well as their best and worst moments of the season.

I debated how to set up these posts in such a way that fits within the shorter time frame of the Fangover without completely overwhelming the reader with super long posts. I ultimately decided to break each day down into individual themes. Some posts will focus on one character, some two or more. The posts with multiple characters are essentially going to be the ones where the characters were practically joined at the hip. Likewise, the first five days will feature two posts each and the last five days will be single posts.

For your convenience (and mine) – or if you are just interested in a certain character/characters here is the tentative schedule for the Fangover

Day 1 – The (Sometimes) Furry

Day 2 – The (Mostly) Humans

Day 3 – The Cops

Day 4 – The Ones with the Baby Vamps

Day 5 -The Remains of the Affair

Day 6 – Sookie

Day 7 – Eric

Day 8 – The Other Authority Vampires [with a focus on Roman, Salome and Nora]

Day 9 – Bill

Day 10 – Season Recap and Grade