Recently I read a Bill/Pam fic where Pam married Bill because she was pissed at Eric. Although that story needed some work, the idea of a Bill/Pam wedding appeals, at least in the sense of a marriage of convenience. I don’t know that I’ll ever write a full story, but at least I can drabble.

It was called the Wedding of the Decade.

When word spread that a vampire King was getting married, the media had latched onto the occasion and milked it for all its worth. What was meant to be a simple private affair ballooned and soon anyone who was anyone – vampire or human – was in attendance.

The crowd murmured in approval over the bride’s dress: a mix of vintage and modern; curve hugging yet still modest. She was resplendent.

It was a fairytale wedding.

And as Sookie watched Bill take Pam’s hands to recite their vows, her heart broke all over again.