All right. One last warning for spoilers. Spoilers regarding the two people below. Don’t want to know, leave now.

Okay. By now it should be obvious post is going to be about Pam and Tara’s fate.  There have been hints about this for a while now: the title of the premiere “Turn, Turn, Turn” and the preview with the oversized grave that looks rather similar to the one that Bill dug when he turned Jessica. There have been hints in the media, most notably the TV Guide interview with the following quotes about the ladies.

Tara: R.I.P.? Not this tortured soul. Sookie’s BFF, shot dead in the season finale will be back…”And she’s going to experience a growing intimacy with the last person she would have ever expected.”

Pam: “There’s a new vampire in her life,” Ball teases. He/she will fill the void while maker Eric is MIA.”

If that isn’t convincing enough proof, it was confirmed at the Season 5 Premiere that Pam indeed does turn Tara. Personally speaking, I’m looking forward to this chain of events for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, this chain of events would allow both characters a lot of room to grow, which quite frankly they need. Pam is the Queen of One Liners, but she’s never really been developed much beyond that point (unless you count whiny and clingy as positive growh) and this event could truly be a liberation for Tara. Instead of her rejecting it and meeting the sun, I could absolutely see her embracing it and like Jessica, finally truly begin to thrive in her life. Although she’ll certainly still have time to obsess over Sookie, having to be a Maker to Tara will force her to vamp up and focus on someone other than herself. Plus, I think these two could be a good match. They’re both feisty and beautiful and would appreciate that in a partner.

Second, from a plot perspective this just makes sense. Clearly we see both Bill and Eric hear/feel Sookie’s cry for distress. However, neither one of them is exactly in a position to be turning anyone right now, not with the Authority hot on their heels. Pam however, has disobeyed both Bill and Eric. Turning Tara could easily be her punishment just as turning Jessica was Bill’s.  Plus it gives those characters something to actually do while Bill and Eric are off hunting Russell and trying to not get killed by all of the Authority politics. It’s also nice from a plot angle because it’s finally a plot where Tara isn’t a victim or being cared for someone a definitely bonus.

Finally, I love the possibilities for how it can change the interactions between Tara and Lafayette and Sookie. We’ve already seen a strained relationship between Sookie and Lala, and this is no doubt at least a part of the source of the tension. The three have been friends for so long that you hope that you’ll see the friendship strained to the limits yet somehow pull through. Or maybe it’ll end in a glorious mess. Either way, it’ll be great to watch.

I know that there’s already a lot of people out there that aren’t exactly keen on this idea, but I hope that they take a moment and give it a chance. It may just wind up being one of the things we talk about as one of Season 5’s highlights.