Alan Ball often likes to have thematic narratives that arc over a season. Season 2 for example was religion, season 3 was politics. Perhaps part of the reason season 4 suffered was because there was no official theme. Regardless, the theme of season 5 is officially “Church and State”

So the main storyline for the vampires is going to be the battle within the Authority – the pro-mainstream camp lead by Roman vs. the Sanguinistas, which are likely the #vampyr faction who want to drink humans like cattle. Roman basically agrees to cut a deal with Bill and Eric for help with the Sanguinistas more so than Russell.

I’m intrigued by this notion and look forward to how it’s going to play out over the course of the season. Not only does it let the show get its usual social commentary on, but it makes perfect sense that there WOULD be this kind of battle going on among vampires. You know that when the decision to come out of the coffin was made, it wasn’t put up to a popular vote. It really probably was something like “I am Roman. I am the Authority. We reveal ourselves” and lo they did. And I’m sure that many were not happy about it, hence having a decided need for pro-mainstreaming monarchs and why the Authority cleared the way for Bill to become King. Digression aside, you know that the tensions that have been hinted at subtlety and more overtly probably have been running much deeper than we’ve been lead to believe and now is threatening to spill out into the public as a full out civil war – the likes of which could bring about all their demises. We don’t know much more beyond this. There are teases that perhaps Russell isn’t the main villain and we’ll also see the European Authority as well.

All told, I think there is a lot of play with this idea and I look forward to how it comes together.