Every once in a while I get approached by a new player who wants to play someone in relation to Bill. More often than not, I need to gently let them down. It’s not something that I like to do, and I’m sure it’s not any more fun being on the receiving end of the rejection.

Here are some hints that might help out the new player that’s trying to approach someone to play with them.

  • If they’re in a group, have you checked out the website for that group and tried to join it?

Group websites will tell you who is taken or needed and will tell you right away the odds of getting a positive response. If you contact me as Sookie, you’re going to get declined. I have @DarlingSookie and I’m not looking for another. Most groups don’t allow duplicates in unless there’s some kind of reason for it. Also, most people in groups don’t play with those not in the group. It’s nothing personal, it just makes life easier. I will personally respond to occasional compliments/comments made by characters from another group, but you won’t see me RPing with them.

Not sure if they’re in a group? Check their profile. There will either be a link to follow, a mention of a group name, or letters that identify them. When in doubt, ask. They should get back to you with a response.

  • Have you checked out their storyline?

Some groups are strictly show cannon. Some are strictly SVM novels. Some are hybrid. Some are set in a particular season. Some are canon only. Some are mostly original characters.  Your character may or may not fit into the mold of the game. If your character doesn’t make sense compared to where the game is at, you’re going to get a rejection. Personally, I find it irritating when I get a request from someone that there character just won’t make sense. I remain flattered you want to play with me, but you’re just wasting both of our time.

  • Don’t get angry if you get turned down.

Trust me, I know it’s hard to get established on Twitter. But getting angry won’t help your cause. If anything, it will validate the player’s decision to turn you away because no one really wants overly dramatic people in their group. If you do get turned down go back to step one and do your research. Maybe you’ll find there’s a wanted character in a group that will get you your same goal (say interaction with Eric) just with a different character.

  • Feel free to start your own group.

The great thing about twitter is there are an infinite number of possible characters. Can’t find a group that’s right for you? Look for other unaffiliated characters and play with them. There are players out there who will RP with whomever, it just takes time and energy to find them. Or if you’ve got some other friends who are interested, start your own group.  You don’t need to be in one of the major groups to have fun. You’ll find your niche eventually, it just may not be where you started.

I hope this helps some new players and I wish you all the best on your RP journey!