A few days ago @DarlingSookie asked me to write a defense of Bill in response to a lot of the vitriol that floats around the internet regarding him. And I seriously considered it. But as I sat there and began to brainstorm for what points I could make I realized that the very thought that I even need to defend Bill’s existence, to try and convince the Kill Bill contingent that Eric is hardly innocent and has done every last thing that Bill has, or to try and point out the hypocrisy of those who complained that Bill needed to “vamp up” only to then continue to complain when he actual did – is absolute rubbish and if anything only shows how ugly fandom can be. Things have gotten so ugly in fact, that I do get the occasional tweet that says “Bill needs to die.” Really? Really? My first instinct is always to block the user behind those tweets (I don’t need that kind of negativity in my RP) and my second is the sadness that people feel this is even necessary.


I’m not expecting each and every person to be fans of each and every character. It’s impossible and I know this. Everyone will have characters they like and they dislike. Characters they want to live another day and characters they wouldn’t mind not seeing again. What I am asking for is some cooling of the heads. For people to take a deep breath, calm down, and take a moment to really look at the character for what they actually are, not just what you’ve built them up in your head to be. Dislike Bill because you thought him a douche for not helping Tara when she begged him for help in Season 3, not just because you believe that if he were to disappear that it’d pave the way for Sookie/Eric romance.

Fans also need to stop reading into situations things that aren’t there. Right now there’s a popular argument that Eric clearly loves Sookie more because he stopped feeding sooner and asked if she was okay. What about the simple fact that Eric has 800+ years on Bill? Older vampire, needs less blood to heal wounds as bad as theirs, stops drinking sooner. Voila! Simple explanation, and the simplest explanation is usually correct. It’s not a notion that would even be entertained because it doesn’t suit the end goal of their ship.

Ships are fine and shipping wars are as common as fandom itself. But you can be a fan of a ship and a fan of the characters who are interfering with that ship. Just look at The Vampire Diaries – most fans are pretty steadfastly either team Delena or Stelena, yet they remain fans of both brothers and you don’t see cries for the head of the brother that isn’t in the ship of your choice. Why can’t True Blood fandom behave the same way? Enjoy both of Sookie’s suitors for who they are and by all means root for your favorite couple to end up together. Just…be reasonable about it. Please.