If it’s one thing HBO is very good at is following the fans and deducing what it is we’re craving. In that light, I thought I’d look at how Ball answered our fannish demands.

Best – Giving fans Alex’s ass.

Obviously, this kind of post calls for that particular screen capture, but in the name of keeping this blog as safe for work (and lest I give @DarlingSookie more fodder to believe that Eric and I share a bromance), I shall leave it to you readers to grab it for yourself.  That out of the way, it’s impossible to say that the long, continuous shot of Alex’s ass could only be described as fanservice. It didn’t need to be there. It didn’t need to as long. That it did was meant entirely as a present to the fans and it was very eagerly lapped up. The only way that could be topped would be full frontal of Alex. We’re getting full front this season, but apparently not from a main. Fans will just have to keep waiting.

Honorable Mention – The way they find a way to get Alcide to take off his top more often than not. Not a bad trick considering he’s not even really one of Sookie’s love interests (although he certainly wishes he was)

Worst- Giving fans more Pam.

Without a doubt, fans (like myself) wanted more Pam because we liked her attitude, liked her sass and wanted to see more. I personally loved her in Season 3 when she was trying to snap Eric out of his suicidal funk to actually try and do something. Because of that, when I heard we’d get more Pam I was excited. I was even curious when they said that one of her comments (undoubtedly the “gash in a sundress” line) made everyone gasp at the table read that they went there. And then we began to watch and we began to realize that the writers never really could find something to do with Pam other be a one-liner machine. Or rather, what they did find – an irrational obsession with Eric’s infatuation with Sookie – just made her look weak and clingy. The one liners seemed less zingy and more pathetic and desperate as a result. I’m hoping that things will change for the better in Season 5 because she, like so many of the female characters on the show, deserves better. But as it stands, I wish we hadn’t gotten what we asked for.

Honorable Mention – Eric/Sookie sex. Just. Wow. How did that go so very wrong? The lack of chemistry (Bill and Sookie in the shower had enough chemistry for both scenes) the really really bad trip to Narnia that didn’t necessarily make sense for either character (she’s drank a ton of blood before and never went on a trip, Eric shouldn’t have gone on a trip off of Sookie’s blood – he didn’t go on one after draining the full Fae Claudine, at most he should have become giggly drunk again) and yeah. It just really didn’t work.

As the old adage goes, “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.” Truer words, Trubies. Truer words.