When I started to think about what I wanted to write for this post, I realized that overall it feels like weres really haven’t added that much to the canon of the show, or at least in a way that convinces me that characters couldn’t have just been human instead. That being said, let’s take a look at the best and the worst of the Weres.



Best: I can hear everyone screaming now, but yes, I think the best use of weres has come from Hot Shots and the werepanthers at the start of Season 4. If you’ve ever listened to True Bites, you’ve undoubtedly heard me rail against how this plot was dropped and how completely inappropriate it was for them to do a story like this just for the sake of getting Jessica and Jason together. That all remains true. However, up until the time that the story got dropped, the Hot Shots arc was working incredibly well for me. There was motivation for the panthers doing what they did (even if they weren’t quite smart enough to realize that their plan wouldn’t work), we got to see some of the panther mythology and hell, the entire storyline was genuinely creepy and horrifying. There was some great acting not only on the part of Ryan Kwanten, but also the little girl who was ‘next in line’ so to speak who didn’t want to do it but was also terrified of what Felton would do to her if she didn’t do it, and you could feel Crystal’s glee and absolute lack of sympathy when she discovered she was going to be Big Momma Kitty. It was genuinely a great set up that should have let to some great aftermath. The fact that it didn’t is a tremendous shame, but the fact remains that those first few episodes of season four were still the most interesting thing that was done with weres of any kind since their introduction in Season 3.

Honorable Mention: There have been some great moments between Alcide, Eric and Bill and the line “He killed my Cooter!” The show also deserves props for using real animals after they shift instead of CGI.

Worst: The wolves. To be honest, they’re pretty useless, and considering the storylines that have been given to them to date, don’t really need to be wolves. The pack in Mississippi were essentially a drug-addicted motorcycle gang. The pack in Shreveport isn’t drug-addicted, but essentially isn’t any better than the pack in Mississippi since they willingly do nothing to stand up the bully that is Marcus and basically stand by and watch Marcus kill Tommy (as Sam). Alcide wasn’t much better, to be honest, not even really doing anything until it’s obvious that Sam wasn’t Sam. Ultimately the question becomes: what is the point of them being werewolves? Really, what is the point? What have any of the packs done that necessitated them being wolves? Alcide’s story didn’t need him to be a wolf. Debbie’s story didn’t need her to be a wolf. The wolves in Season 3 only served as Russell’s minions and Bill soundly kicking all of their asses once he’s fed establishes that as far as supes go they aren’t that much stronger than humans. If Alcide wasn’t around you probably could have gotten Sam to play the role of huntsman for Sookie when Eric had run off after getting high on Claudine. I’m hoping that Season 5 changes that and we see something more from them.