I would like to take a moment out of the celebration of many things vampire and remember those that have served our country in any number of ways.

I lost many friends while fighting in the Civil War. While they all might not approve of all the changes to our fine country over the past 150 years, I would like to think they would still ultimately be proud of how we came back together again. I would also like to take a moment to recognize the many vampires that have served us in the Great Wars, in Korea, Vietnam and our more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although we could not fight by the light of day does not mean that we could not ultimately help. And whether it was on the front line, the supply line, or by providing the tools and weapons that our brave men and women used many have played their part and just like humans, many have made that ultimate sacrifice while doing so.

So please, I hope that everyone, human or vampire, takes this opportunity to reflect on and remember the service of the brave men and women, human and otherwise on this day of remembrance.

Thank you.