This time last year I think a lot of people (including myself) were starting to get a fangover from the sheer number of video promotions for Season 4 – most notably the first eight minutes of the season. Although they obviously intended for the clips to drum up interest, I think many people found they had an opposite effect. Not only did they reveal too much, but they revealed too much of a scene that ultimately could be considered one of, if not the worst of the season due to cheesy sets and absolutely awful CGI, even by True Blood’s admittedly low standards.

The Powers That Be at HBO seemed to have learned from their mistake, and, at least as of the date of publishing, have not released the first several minutes of the first episode. I applaud this move. The promotions they have done to this point have already been extremely effective at drumming up interest: on the whole I’d say the people I know are more intrigued and excited about this season than they were about Season 4. Furthermore, the lack of that kind of promotion only gives us viewers more incentive to actually watch the first episode of the season to see what goes down.

Of course I could be wrong and we could be something soon, but I really really hope that I’m right and that we won’t see anything major between now and the 10th. While waiting does suck, knowing too much sucks even more. Ply me with        Get Glue stickers and maybe a few more promotional shots of Eric and Bill and that’s really all that I need. The promos have been enough, let us all just sit back, count down and wait for the first official fangover to arrive.