I do apologize for the delay in this, I had to spend some time in sorting out the security surrounding my computer systems.

Dearest Sookie,

I do not know what words, if any can console you, or indeed if I should even be able. For months now you have repeatedly made it clear that you did not like your involvement in the ever ongoing “war” between Eric Northman and myself.

We should have respected your wishes and left you out of it. To not do so was childish and disrespectful of you.

I will not make excuses for our actions because there are none to be had.

And so you know, I have never thought of you as a fangbanger, nor will I ever. I’m also pretty sure that both Eric and I would be all too happy to make that point to someone who would make the unfortunate mistake of calling you as such.

Please take care of yourself Sookie and I hope that you can find happiness.