If it’s one area where I think True Blood is truly different than a lot of the show are the obvious bonds of friendship between the actors. Oh sure, there are always some level of friendship between casts, but just like in the regular working world that most people inhabit, a set is still a working relationship and just because they work together doesn’t mean they create ties that go beyond the set.

This is clearly not the case for much of the cast of True Blood, especially when it comes to Alex and Stephen.

I think this picture about sums it up well:



The piggy back ride, the look of pure amusement on Stpehen’s face. Who knows what led to that point, but the fact still remains Alex is giving Stephen a piggy back ride. Not exactly something that grown men are wont to do, especially since so many would fear the implications. These guys? Couldn’t care less.

This easy going friendship translates onto the screen as well. Eric and Bill’s banter works so well because of that chemistry that exists. It’s actually the most noticeable in scenes between Eric, Sookie and Bill. Last season I couldn’t help but feel there was an awakardness between Sookie and Eric, especially during the sex scenes. You can’t blame them for it. It’s got to be odd knowing that her husband and your friend is wandering around the set somewhere (if not in the same room even). It’s a difficult task for anyone. But then if you throw Stephen into the mix everything changes. She relaxes. Alex relaxes. It all just <i>works</i> and works so much better.

I’ve said before that I really want Stephen and Anna to last because they’re so clearly meant to be together. I also really want Alex and Stephen’s friendship to last because it’s clear that they’ve got something special and fun and we should all be so lucky.