It has been brought to my attention that Mab has been trying to convince others that her kind are superior to mine. I think it only fitting that we take a closer look at her arguments and see if they hold water.

1. Weakness to sunlight

I will admit that the Sun is indeed our Achilles heel, but it hardly an insurmountable problem. Like other nocturnal creatures we have learned to adapt. And as far as weaknesses go, Sunlight is infinitely more preferable than a weakness to iron, a material so prevalent that it is almost impossible to avoid contact with. How limiting must it be that you cannot interact with your environment naturally for fear that it will kill you? We vampires on the other hand have plenty of time to accomplish our business an thanks to certain adaptations such as our enhanced vision, we can do so without being hindered.

2. Weakness to silver, and more specifically the lack of ability to accessorize with it.

I must admit that I am confused as to why this could possibly be construed as a problem. I can still wear white gold, I can still wear platinum or even titanium. The effect may not be exact, but it is hardly a drawback to the life style. Also, silver has the bonus of being an expensive metal, making humans truly invest if they wish to stockpile eventually weakening them when they can no longer afford to do so. Louis the XIV demonstrated this principle the best: life at the Palace of Versailles was so extravagant that his enemies spent all their funds on clothing and frivolities, money they could no longer spend on their armies. Pretty clever, huh?

3. Weakness to garlic.

I’m not even sure where this little fable began. It is not fatal to us, it is merely an inconvenience.

4. Blood consumption.

Vampires are predators and human blood is our food. Although it may not be palatable to all, we find it quite tasty. Plus, everyone knows that predators all consume blood on some level – animal and otherwise. It is part of the life cycle. Nothing wrong or unnatural about that is there?

5. Sleeping in coffins/Going to ground.

Last time I checked I slept in a perfectly comfortable bed. Advances in technology have meant that we are not so limited in our options for where we go to seek shelter from a day. I also find this notion to be rather insulting to the billions of humans out there who don’t sleep in beds. There are plenty who cannot afford or do not have the space or whose traditions do not allow for sleeping in beds. Ultimately, if you think about it, western mattresses are an indulgence, a luxury. Choosing to sleep in one doesn’t make anyone superior to anyone else and to try and argue that it does is nonsense.

6. Fae can eat food.

Except lemons. Heard that can do some pretty nasty things to a fae. And again, blood is our food of choice and there is much greater variation in flavor than non-vampires could ever appreciate. That we cannot eat food doesn’t make us inferior, it makes us different, and different is not a bad thing.

7. Answering to a Maker.

Father. Brother. Son. Although I cannot claim to have known Godric well, I cannot think of a better way to summarize the relaitonship between Maker and Childe. Just a human – or fae – infant needs guidance to learn to navigate their world, so too does a newly turned vampire need help to survive the first year, the first decade, even the first century of their new life. There is a beauty in the bond that Maker and Childe share that has to be experienced to be appreciated. For the lucky few the bonds are strong enough to last a millennium or more. I admit the relationship between Lorena and myself was not perfect, and yet it has helped shaped me in ways too numerous to count and ultimately I remain very thankful for it.

8. “Magical Powers”

Yes we can fly, we can glamour, we can heal and run with incredible speed and have superhuman strength. No, we don’t have microwave fingers. At best, I believe our powers are more versatile. At worse, it’s merely a draw. Again, the ability or lack there of isn’t necessarily a weakness. Just something that makes us different.

9. Telepathy.

I am certain that Sookie would be first in line to argue that being a telepath is overrated. Besides, why does anyone need to know the thoughts and feelings of those around them all day, every day? A part of life is learning to navigate the world based on what information you have. Also, having a telepathic conversation while eating is still bad manners. And no, perhaps we cannot glamour fae. But we can still drain you. The advantage, if there is one, remains ours.

10. “Poofing”

I do not even know what to make of this argument. Limits in transportation is hardly a weakness, but if the writer insists that it is then I shall counter it with this: we can present our true face to the world. We do not have to hide in illusion so that humans won’t be repulsed from us. I’ll take a human face over a slightly faster means of transport any day.

As you can see most of her “reasons” are things that are not weaknesses, just differences. We live in a time of so much division and hatred. Instead of finger pointing and mocking that which makes us different, we should be embracing that what makes us unique. And I hope that some day, Queen Mab, and anyone else who thinks they are superior to anyone be it another race or another species, does so as well.