The preview last night made quite a number of excited for a variety of reasons – some of which I’ll likely go into on True Bites tomorrow (if not this blog) but of the many many reasons to get excited about that preview is the gif above. It combines so many kinks of so many fan girls. Let us count:

1. The throne – it’s always a hit.

2. The suit – Eric pretty much never wears one and so when he does, and to wear it so well? It’s going to push the right buttons for people.

3. The expression – There’s an intensity in that gaze that even though you know he’s not looking at you and is (at least for now) contemplating his immortality in the face of waiting for the Authority to come it looks like he’s staring right at the viewer.

Every season produces hundreds and hundreds of gifs, but each season there are always one or two that come to represent the season – either for the season as a whole, or just the season for the character. The same will be true of this season. However, I’m willing to lay down money that this gif will be one of the few that will remain popular next season and even down the line if the show goes off the air. It will define why people like Eric Northman in season 5 just as the one of him on the throne beckoning Sookie defines him in Season 1 or him kissing Sookie defines him for Season 4. And that is not a bad thing.