1. Considering one of the main drives of the show has always been who Sookie will end up with, it’s pretty gutsy to have the heroine dump both of the main suitors in her lives. For those who haven’t heard – Ball said she will stay single for a while. I expect that to be true for at least half of the season, if not longer. This isn’t a one off thing, and that’s a good thing.

2. The scene itself was handled so brilliantly. There is some wonderful acting going on here – Eric’s small look of hope when she dumps Bill, Bill’s look of surprise when she dumps Eric, and just the overall heartache that you can see all three actors having. It was probably one of the best break-up scenes ever and it’s all the more poignant for it.

3. The decision is a culmination of the growth of Sookie as a character. Just think, not so long ago (start of S3) Sookie was ready to marry Bill and settle down. Through season 4 we saw her beginning to have doubts – not just about her and Bill, but her and Eric. You could see her wrestling with her feelings in a real and believable way. When Adele’s ghost told her that being alone wasn’t so bad, she finally gathered the courage to do what she knew she must: dump them both because she really does love them both which only causes misery for all. Although ultimately I do believe that Sookie will end up with Bill, it’s the right move for her at this time.

4. It will force the show to give Sookie a plot of her own. I’m not a bookie. I’ve only read the first two books and just couldn’t get into them for a variety of reasons, but still it’s important to note that the books are centered around Sookie and the events in her life. Over the past two seasons (you possibly could even argue three) there’s been a decided shift away from Sookie as a main character and more towards Bill (and to a lesser extent, Eric) which has resulted in Sookie often becoming a supporting character in their plots: she spends season 3 hunting for Bill after Bill was kidnapped, she spends season 4 tending for Eric and getting involved in Bill’s war against Marnie because she can’t stand the thought of them fighting alone. She hasn’t had a story focused on her in quite a while. They started to go there with the fae in S4 but it got dropped. By dropping the love triangle, the show can focus on her a bit more. It appears that they’ll do so by getting her wrapped up with the Fae once more (Claude and Claudette have been (re)cast. I look forward to seeing Sookie in a storyline of her own.

Ultimately, I do look forward to the day when Sookie gets back together with one of the vampires, but I’m happy they’re going this route and I’m hoping that it pays off.