So now that we’ve hit the 30 day mark, the marketing blitz by HBO will undoubtedly go full tilt, starting with the release of the “Everything is at Stake” campaign. My first impression? I like the posters. I like the fact the you know who the humans and know who the vampires are. I like that they aren’t full face shots. There’s a certain level of drama here without going over the top and the color scheme fits in perfectly with their preferred motif of black, red and white.
That said, I do have a few little quibbles: Even though new pictures weren’t necessary for this, they would have been nice (most, if not all by by Chris Meloni’s seem to have been from previous shoots). I do think the posters for the women didn’t come out *quite* as nice as the men over all. The expression on Tara’s face seems a little off, and Pam’s lips are so far apart to show off the fangs that her mouth seems oddly wide. I also would have liked it if there could have been some kind of hint that Alcide wasn’t a human, but a were. That said, I don’t think it would have worked in context of the way they colored the posters so it’s a minor quibble at best.

Overall, I’m quite happy. Now if only they’d release some new shots of Eric and Bill that were standalone….