Didn’t have to think much about this one: “Everything is Broken”

[Side rant time: I hate how they use song titles as episode titles. It makes it hard to keep track and when you have “Beautifully Broken” and “Everything is Broken” in the same season it’s that much more difficult! [/digress]]

I love this episode because so many things move forward in interesting ways: you’ve got Eric dealing with the fall out of the death of the Magister through the V-Feds, you’ve got Bill finding out that Sookie is part fae, we meet Hadley and Hunter (which you hope that they’ll re-appear in S4, though with Sophie-Anne being MIA in all the promos seems kind of doubtful), we have Jason saving Tara from Franklin (for good), we have Hoyt declaring his love of Jessica, and of course we have the infamous spine-ripping scene at the very end as a very-stunned Nan Flanagan watches on in her limo. I haven’t even mentioned Crystal or Arlene

This is what an episode -should- be: everything moving forward, no screen time being wasted and it sets us up nicely for the final quarter of the season.