This one was a toss up between Lafayette’s happy dance at the $1 sports car that Eric gave him (does he not remember the trauma he suffered at Eric’s hands?!) and the scene in Merlotte’s after Egg’s death where Tara immediately assumes racism and where Arlene calls her out on it. The latter has won.

I know that institutional racism can and does still exist in this country, and I know there are plenty of people out there who like to play the race card at a perceived slight, but I don’t know. Did Alan Ball really need to go there? Of all the problems that Bon Temps seemed to have, I never really got the feeling that said racism was really an issue. I get that Tara was in mourning and I get that she felt like she was the only one who seemed to care, but still. I don’t know.

Tara as a character irritates so many that making her play the race card seems to be the last thing that a character like her needs. The whole moment felt like an opportunity for the writers to try and make some kind of social commentary and I don’t think they needed to, so yeah, this scene ticked me off.